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yearly event

It’s that time of year, Nordstrom is offering up 40% off select items! Everyone knows I love sharing a good sale and this yearly event runs until 5/31 so you have plenty of time to peruse the sale selections! Shop my picks below or make sure to hop over here to see all of the selections!


Interiors + Exteriors: Mid-Century Modern Flair


Leather Couch - LIving Room Update

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past weekend Cody and I took a day to drive up to the Twin Cities to pick up our new-to-us living room couch. My aunt and uncle were upgrading their furniture and a well-loved cognac leather couch came up for grabs (for free!), we just had to come and pick it up. The couch itself is 22 years old and a bit sun-damaged, but I’m very happy with this addition to our living room (plus, my aunt and uncle had a dog, so I don’t have to fret about Lola scratching it up). Our current furniture will find new residence in our soon-to-be finished basement.

Today I’ve teamed up with Chairish to give you an idea of where we are headed with our living room décor. While this isn’t our exact leather couch, it gives you the right idea (I’m saving my pennies for this West Elm Hamilton sofa). Lately, I’ve been inspired by Mid-Century modern designs, especially working with a furniture company that houses so much history in the genre. I selected two of my favorites from Chairish, both the Mid-Century Gold Bamboo & Glass coffee table and the Mid-Century Modern Banded Table Lamp. They are not only functional but make a statement as well. I’d love to have all gold everything, this coffee table satisfies just enough glam to round out the room!

If you saw on Instagram, we are in a bit of a side chair dilemma. Our current recliner is much too large for the space and we are determining what would serve the space justice. While an Eames Lounge chair and ottoman are pricey, I think they are well worth the investment, not only for comfort but for the stylish look it adds to the space. It meets both of our criteria, and this chair and ottoman from IFN Modern would round out the space perfectly! Cody and I recently snagged two of these side tables for the space, along with the fiddle leaf fig tree I picked up from Home Depot (it’s still alive)!

With moving to our new house, I have wanted to take my time to update and decorate each room. We have furniture in great condition that we bought new when we purchased our townhome almost four years ago, but over the past few years I’ve been working on defining our home style and am trying my best to combine both of our tastes.


Life Lately


It’s been awhile! Stay, let’s catch up over the past few weeks! We are still settling into our new home and just took a day trip up to Minneapolis to pick up a new (old) couch for our living room, as our current furniture will be relocating to our basement once it’s finished (a few more weeks). Cody built the wood valance for our sliding glass door, and we just got the piece of wood for the hair pin entry way table we will be making. Photo updates to come soon!

At the end of April I left my job at the start-up to take a job in project management as a client services coordinator at a furniture/office interior design company. It’s been a slight adjustment to get back into an 8-5 work day as well as accepting corporate America back into my life, but between my last job and the start-up, this falls right in the middle, and so far I’m pretty happy there! I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me (plus it has benefits and an awesome summer work flex schedule – score!).

I’m embarking on the 21 Day Fix after hearing my sister-in-law talking about it. I start today with both the meal plan and the work-outs. I’m nervous but ready to take it on and get into shape! I’ll do my best to document the process on here, but follow along on social media for more daily updates. In addition to daily workouts, once a week I’ve started taking ballroom dancing class with my parents. I took a class my senior year of college and taught my dad the basics of Fox Trot for our dad/daughter dance at my wedding last May (can’t believe it’s almost been 1 year!). It’s nice for my parents to take the class together and then I get to step in with my dad or dance with our instructor, Nick. We’ve had a blast, just finished up the Waltz and currently learning some new Fox Trot steps!

Still working on the blog updates, very s l o w l y. I keep debating about changing between WordPress (currently using) and Squarespace (use for StyleEsque and my personal brand website). So for now, I’ve built out the website on both platforms but now need to customize the one I end up using. We’ll see where things end up. I’m in no rush, I recently read this article and it sums up a lot of things I haven’t been able to put into words as to why my blogging is next to nothing these days. I’m hoping once I get the design I’m aiming for along with some new content with more intent about the outfits, inspiration, and musings I can return to this space on a more regular basis, I miss it. But to be honest, I’ve enjoyed coming home from work and not opening my computer or even keeping it closed on the weekends. It’s been great to ‘un-plug’ from the blog but I’m anxious to get back!

That’s it for now! Hoping everyone had a great weekend!