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Sometimes all you need is a piece of clothing to give you the boost of confidence you need when you walk out the door. A few weeks ago the founders of Midwest Bloggers each styled a tee from Maverick Hill. I picked a tee that says, “Thinker Dreamer Doer”. Which couldn’t describe me more. I tend to think and dream about what I want to achieve next from my career, to my freelancing jobs, and even how I decorate my home. I’m always dreaming of the next step and then finding ways to make it happen.

Make sure to check out this post  on Midwest Bloggers to see what Maya, Katelyn, and Lauren picked and then head over to Maverick Hill to pick out your own tee! I have a feeling this tee will soon end up in my closet as well! Happy shopping!


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 bkr is no stranger to these parts. the bkr team recently sent me a water bottle to test out and let’s just say once you go bkr, you don’t go back. I picked out navy (are we even surprised?), and have been using it this past week at the new job, my new job has me running around the office, so this pretty little thing reminds me to stay hydrated! I love that it is reusable and made of glass so there are no added chemicals going in my water.  Plus when describing ‘their girl’, when asked what she wants in life, answers “everything.” This couldn’t be more true. :)


bkr recently launched their latest fall/winter collection and shared with me their latest lookbook, which to my delight reads much like the latest fashion spread in a glossy magazine. my favorite color, the ryan, is described, “Inspired by true love, wearing your boyfriend’s v-neck sweater, fresh sushi after a warm bath, peacoats in the fall. There’s nobody else for me, and I don’t want anybody else.” Sounds about right.

For all the colors and more information head over to bkr.

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