Choosing Artwork For Our Living Room


The Brunette One His Hers Minted Artwork

His Picks: 1. Pendulum Drop 2. Untitled B+W #1 3. Broken Glass 4. Jackson

Her Picks: 1. Do It Anyway 2 2. Staredown 3. Rooftops of Paris 4. Swing 5. Even Still 6. All is Quiet

In our first house, it took me three years to put anything up on our living room walls, and then about five months, later we moved. This time around I’m determined to adorn our walls, our only obstacle this time around is finding artwork that suits both our tastes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to artwork and researching the interwebs, but having worked with Minted in the past for invitations and accessories for Go Blog Social, I was anxious to test out their framed artwork, especially since they’ve launched their over-sized artwork selections.

Here are a few of Cody’s picks and mine…as you can tell we have very different ideas of artwork. Cody is drawn to bold, graphic, black & white prints. It dawned on me that this is probably because he is colorblind, so these stick out to him more than the abstract art I tended to gravitate too. I love photography as well, so I was immediately drawn to these animal prints. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen what we selected – but it took awhile to get there!

*The post was done in collaboration with Minted. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Event / Go Blog Social Conference

Why YOU Should Attend a Blog Conference



The Brunette One Go Blog Social Pop Up Chicago_1

I remember ‘virtually’ attending my first blogging conference in 2011. I religiously followed along on twitter while Lucky FABB was happening hundreds of miles away. I would follow along on social media and even tweeting out questions to brands, speakers, and other attendees trying not to miss any tidbits about networking and reaching out to brands. The next year, they had a live feed, so you bet I listened in with headphones while attempting multi-tasking at my job at the time. I recently stumbled from my notes from all those years ago about how to start looking into analytics and realizing that I could make my blog into a business – who would have thought?!

When Kat and Sarah first approached me to join the Go Blog Social team almost three years ago, I didn’t hesitate when I said, “Yes!”. The thought of bringing to the Midwest what bloggers so readily had access to on both coasts was the ideal. It’s safe to say that three years and countless GBS conferences later, I can still stand by that.

There is still so much to cover as the blogging world continues to evolve and grow. When I first started blogging in 2010, it was as if ‘blogging’ was a dirty word. Now it’s a full-fledged business field, we, as bloggers are now making names for themselves, starting businesses, and becoming entrepreneurs. Sometimes, it’s starts with simply attending a social media conference.

If you aren’t a blogger, GBS is still the place for you. Whether you want to start a blog, podcast, your own small business, we cater to all aspiring social media lovers and entrepreneurs. Attending conferences like Go Blog Social, gives you access to network with other like-minded individuals, brands and potential sponsors. You’ll learn from others what’s worked and what hasn’t, new ideas of how to pitch your blog and brand, and maybe other avenues to try. You just have to take the first step of putting yourself out there and attending events like this!

That’s why I want to give two people the opportunity to attend our conference with a chance to win a ticket to this year’s Chicago GBS Pop-Up Conference!

The Brunette One Go Blog Social Pop Up Chicago_4

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 31. To help you attend a blog conference I am running a short giveaway for 2 Go Blog Social Chicago tickets for you and a friend ($300 value).

Enter the form below for your chance to win.

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Not feeling lucky? No worries, I’m still thankful you read this post so here is a deal for you! Use code “FRIENDS” to score $50 off your ticket purchase. Head here to get your ticket. I can’t wait to spend Halloween day with you (PS. Did you see on Instagram what I’ll be wearing that night? #HocusPocus)!

*Prize must be used for Chicago conference, October 31, 2015. Entries must be received by October 13, 2015.


My Beauty Routine with Listerine®


The Brunette One Beauty Routine with Listerine_4

A question you may ask yourself is why is a fashion/lifestyle blogger writing about oral health? Well, after having my 6 month check up at the dentist last week, I realize, now more than ever, that there’s never a good time like the present to be educated about taking care of those pearly whites!

As you get older and realize you are no longer in your early twenties, one realizes the importance of things like flossing and rinsing with mouthwash, starting and ending the day with a cleansed face, or even spritzing heat protectant on your hair before styling. When you’re young you often skip a few of these habits that when not picked up eventually, could lead to things like cavities, split ends, dry and brittle hair, and even worse, wrinkles!

Consistency is key. I’m guilty, sometimes, of skipping the face wash before bed when I’m absolutely dead tired, but I know I have to keep up with my beauty routine and oral health care to take the best care of myself as I possibly can. I only get one body and one set of teeth!

Luckily, I’ve yet to experience cavities in my 27 years, but nearly all American adults over the age of 20 have had cavities at some point in their lives (91%) and one in four have untreated cavities (27%). The best way to prevent those nasty cavities? Start by creating a routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing using a therapeutic mouthwash, like LISTERINE® Antiseptic!  Brushing your teeth alone misses 75% of your mouth, leaving thousands of germs behind. Left untreated, these germs can lead to oral care issues such as plaque and gingivitis – gross!

The Brunette One Beauty Routine with Listerine_1

Consider these statistics from the LISTERINE® Brand Survey.


I mean, let’s have some real talk here for a moment. 3 in 4 Americans say the state of their mouth determines how they look and feel, nearly as much as their weight. What makes you feel confident? When you’re rocking that amazing outfit that fits just right, with your hair finally cooperating to allow for the perfect set of beach waves, and a killer smile showing off that killer lip color? That’s when I feel most confident! That’s why, when I’m constantly on the run between work and freelance life, I keep a mini bottle of LISTERINE® in my bag when I need to freshen up after a quick-lunch date or after dinner.

The Brunette One Beauty Routine with Listerine_2

So tell me, do you have a specific oral care routine that you follow? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. When you share the #LISTERINE, it will trigger a $10 donation, up to $40,000, to support Oral Health America’s Fall for Smiles campaign (October 1 – December 1, 2015) to educate communities about the importance of proper oral care. How awesome is that?!

Follow LISTERINE® on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information on good oral care! 

Thanks to LISTERINE® I’m practicing good oral care as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Listerine. All data referenced in this post was provided by the LISTERINE® Brand Survey. To learn more, please go to