You Need This: Rocksbox

The Brunette One Rocksbox_2I’ve tried a multitude of subscription services and the latest to arrive at my doorstep is Rocksbox. Rocksbox is the premier destination to borrow jewelry before you buy! Rocksbox members receive a curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time.

In my first box I received these three items. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the necklace due to lack of events needing to wear a larger statement piece, I’m more into delicate necklaces these days. I wore the ring a handful of times, but I have a sensitivity to nickel, so I couldn’t wear as much as I would have liked to. My favorite item, above all else, the Gorjana Twist Cuff. I have super small wrists, so it’s ability to adjust to a smaller size was ideal. I wore it with everything. Iwasthisclose to buying it, but I sent it back to see what else would come my way. I may still end up purchasing it with a discounted price (another RB perk!).

So want to get started? Try it for ONE MONTH FREE on me! Use code: thebrunetteonexoxo at checkout!

My Style: Kokoon Dress

Kokoon Dress // Forever21 Chambray Top // SE Sandals // Zara Boots // Target Heels // Old Navy Sweater and Jean Vest

So long story short, a few weekends ago at Go Blog Social I was smart enough to place a water bottle in my bag that also housed my computer. Take a wild guess what happened next. The good news is I was able to get my computer fixed and thankfully didn’t loose any files! Good news aside, that leaves some time to play catch up on the blog. I’ve been sitting on a new logo for a few months and started building out the website. I spent the majority of my Sunday working on my new website branding. If you follow me on snapchat, you saw a sneak preview of what’s to come (or at least version 1.0).

We are slowing getting settled into our new house and I finally was able to set up my photo studio in an empty bedroom, perfect timing as it rained all weekend and ruined any chance of taking photos outside.

The lovely team behind Kokoon sent me this dress and another top (coming to the blog soon). This dress will be perfect for the upcoming warmer months and I have a feeling it will be a go-to dress for those casual days on the go or just lounging about my house! I’ve styled it three different ways, all casual looks for the girl on the go. Pulling from the 90s trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I tied my trusted chambray top around my waist for cooler evenings. The third look I transitioned my favorite fall booties for spring with a jean vest, and if I happen to be going someplace that I need a little bit more coverage, this high/low sweater is perfect for layering!

The best part of this brand is that if you love it, you can make it your dream career. You can become a stylist with the company either part-time or full time, it’s what you can make of it! Kokoon is now accepting applications, so if you are interested, make sure to check out all the details right here!

The Brunette One Kokoon_9The Brunette One Kokoon_10The Brunette One Kokoon_5 The Brunette One Kokoon_7The Brunette One Kokoon_4 The Brunette One Kokoon_2

My Style: Shabby Apple Skirt

The Brunette One Shabby Apple_1

gifted Shabby Apple Skirt | Forever21 Cropped Sweater (old) | Nine West Heels (old)

 A few weeks ago I posted about this Shabby Apple Steinway skirt and put together this Pinterest board full of images inspired by this full length skirt. Well, here she is in all her glory. I cannot wait until I have an event to wear this to, but until then, I’ll be galavanting around our new house in this pretty little thing. This skirt is everything you can imagine it to be, flirty, fun, feminine.

This is my take on dressing up this skirt, tell me in the comments how you would style this full-length number!

The Brunette One Shabby Apple_3The Brunette One Shabby Apple_2The Brunette One Shabby Apple_4

Shabby Apple x The Brunette One


A few weeks ago Shabby Apple reached out to me to collaborate on a Pinterest board. They asked me to put together a few of my favorite pins inspired by some of my favorite pieces from their collection. Of course, I immediately gravitated to their Steinway Skirt. Pleated, full length skirt and pink? Talk about swoon-worthy. I’m no stranger to Shabby Apple, I own this white tulle skirt and this past winter picked up another maxi skirt in navy for a few holiday parties I attended with my husband! While I will debuting soon how I styled this skirt for spring, make sure to click through to check out my pin board for my latest inspiration!

While some may look at this skirt and be overwhelmed with the volume and color, it can easily be styled up or down for any occasion. The casual vibe, as seen in these photos, is playful and girly. Try pairing the skirt with a pair of converse and simple tee, or you can easily add heels and a cropped sweater to take the look up a notch! Don’t forget to grab a jean jacket if it’s chilly out, or even swapping out the sweater or t-shirt with a collared button down, whether it be a crisp white blouse or even a chambray top!

The possibilities are endless with this statement maxi skirt!

Shabby_Apple_Steinway_Skirt_2_1__61695.1420750856.454.682 Shabby_Apple_Steinway_Skirt_4__32755.1420750857.454.682

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