Master Bathroom Inspiration


Master-Bathroom-Inspiration-The-Brunette-Onejojotastic teal bathroom

A bathroom inspired by Joanna of Jojotastic

Earlier this winter I painted our master bathroom while listening to Adele’s newly released album on repeat. Slowly, but surely, I’m tackling one taupe room at a time! At this moment in our life, I use our master bathroom and Cody uses our guest bathroom. I didn’t bother approving color choices with him, as he insists he will share the guest room with future children and guests. This my friends, is the secret to a happy marriage.

Inspired by this One Room Challenge bathroom by JoJotastic, I color-matched Farrow and Ball’s Teresa’s Green for the teal hue. The color is just soft enough where you don’t feel overwhelmed. The color is soothing which helps create a relaxing vibe, which is exactly what I was hoping for in this space. I’m trying to become more of a bath person, lots of candles and a good playlist to help unwind from the day or week’s stress.

We don’t have much in way of linen closets or shelving in our bathrooms, with the exception of under-the-sink storage and drawers. I ordered two acrylic shelves from The Container Store to hold little knick knacks, candles, hairspray, and make-up that I use daily. They don’t take up any space visually and allow me to open up the counter space.

I chose to make my own wooden shelves and brackets from Etsy to put up above the toilet, but this shelf from Target is another affordable option if DIY isn’t your thing. I plan to use these shelves to house extra toilet paper, small plants, a few frames, my hair accessories, sprays and tools, and extra towels. I plan on hanging these shelves this weekend, It’s the last thing I need to do in the space, with the exception of styling all of my belongings. The only hiccup I’ve had in building my own shelves, is that the studs don’t line up with where the brackets will go, so I had to invest in some sturdy wall anchors and hopefully not overcrowd the shelves with heavy items. Fingers crossed, everything stays up!

The way our door is hung, not many rugs fit underneath without getting picked up on the corners and moved every time the door opens, so depending if I’m in the shower or standing by the sink, I move the rug around to accommodate the space until I find a better solution.

The artwork I selected to flank each side of the mirror is from Minted. As I’ve stated before, I love sourcing artwork from Minted, the wide variety between photography and paintings plus the ability to frame all in one click has made shopping for the perfect pieces of art a breeze!

The last item on my list is to invest in a few amber glass dispense bottles to give all bath products a cohesive look! Long term, I’d love to swap out the tile for a faux wood floor (more affordable) and change the light fixtures and mirrors, but I love how even the smallest of cosmetic changes (like paint) and adding a few accessories can make a world of difference!

Here’s a sneak peak from my Instagram:

The Brunette One Bathroom Makeover Minted

Stay tuned for the reveal of our master bathroom soon!


A rustic vibe with wood shelves and metal brackets. teresas green farrow ball

A soothing teal paint.c821c8062ae6ef5fc27fab04c6f2c85f

Lots and lots of storage.



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The Blinds Debate


Blindsdotcom The Brunette One Living Room Blinds Blindsdotcom The Brunette One Living Room Blinds Blindsdotcom The Brunette One Living Room Blinds The-Brunette-One-Living-Room-Final-Reveal-with-Havenly_2For the first few months in our home,  you could have called us the naked neighbors. We waited to invest in blinds for the house until we could find something reasonably priced, along with something we could both agree on.

I scoured the internet to find the best deals and of course asked for opinions on Facebook. Everyone seems to have a blinds person. I ended up going with This is not a sponsored post by any means – just sharing another step in turning our house into a home! I found their site user-friendly and was able to order a bajillion samples of various shades of white and ivory to help match our trim.

The process of ordering blinds from is pretty simple. Measure the window. Then double and triple check your measurements. Once you place the order, quadruple check your measurements are in the correct boxes. Once our blinds arrived, it was super easy to install with a power drill (I left that up to Cody).

We ended up with cordless top down/bottom up blinds for our main floor windows (kitchen, living room) and ended up with top down/bottom up with cords for upstairs in the color white dove, which matched our trim perfectly. Keeping our budget in mind, we had to decide which floor needed the cordless blinds more. I wish we could have done it for every room, but for now I’m happy we kept the seamless look for the main floor.

I haven’t committed to curtains yet for any room. I’m too indecisive at the moment for any bedroom to get curtains, and I feel like they are a big commitment. So at the moment, we have bare-ish windows.

What’s your blinds story? Did you forgo yours for curtains, did you do both, or do you prefer another style of window coverings? Let me know in the comments below.

Here are a few options I’ve been mulling over for the space:

Photography by Lauren Konrad Photography for The Brunette One.


5 Can’t Miss Netflix Original Shows


the brunette one five cant miss netflix shows


Like the true millennial couple we are, Cody and I said goodbye to cable last year when we moved into our new home. Now almost a year without the power to rewind live TV, DVR our favorite shows, and the ability to live-tweet award shows, I’ve gained some perspective on what it’s like to live in a world of Netflix and chill (minds outta the gutter).

Our Apple TV allows us to watch most shows the next day and NBC finally launched their app, so no longer do I have to go online to watch my favorite shows, a true hinderance, especially when I want to multitask. CBS, I have a bone to pick, I do not wish to pay to watch shows the next day. You are not Netflix, nor are you Hulu or Amazon Prime.

I may not be patient enough to wait for my favorite shows to be added to Netflix; however, they’ve made waiting pretty easy with their original shows. it’s a beautiful thing, you’re never left with a cliff hanger, you can simply pause when you need to refill your glass of wine, and you never have to wait long to see what happens next. Unless you are watching Making a Murderer and you keep telling yourself that maybe it’s not really a true-crime documentary and there will be another season where Steven Avery gets a chance at a fair trial? If Netflix original shows aren’t your thing, I recommend Sherlock. Hands down one of the best TV shows I’ve seen.

Here are my top 5 Netflix Original series you need to binge next:

  1. Making a Murderer – I have so many thoughts. SO MANY. This is next level Serial – Season 1, right here. Corrupt judicial system, corrupt cops, planted evidence. With each episode you have to pick your jaw up off the ground and continually pinch yourself – this is real life, this is a documentary. 
  2. Grace & Frankie – A hilarious look at the lives of two women whose husbands end up falling for each other after years of practicing law together at their firm. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin kill it and are such a fantastic duo, especially as they play two women who can’t stand one another, end up living together and navigating their way through dealing with their respective divorces and moving on.  
  3. House of Cards – Kevin Spacey for President. Season 4 will be debuting in the next few months. I felt that season 3 was more of a ‘rebuilding’ story line season. Underwood has an uphill battle, and with the wake of our own 2016 election, I’ll be anxious to see which race I want to follow more. As long as there’s no Trump in this next season, I’ll be a happy camper.
  4. Daredevil – I’ll admit, I’m only 4 episodes in, but I’m anxious to finish this series so I can start Jessica Jones. Ten times more dark and twisty then the original Ben Affleck movie.
  5. Narcos – Cody and I started watching this, and he finished the series. It was hard to follow along, with most of the series being in subtitles, but once you get past that, it’s a gripping story about Pablo Escobar.

If you’re surprised OITNB isn’t on the list, I haven’t felt the need to watch that yet, so perhaps that will make it on the watch-list for the coming year, but I know for sure I want to start Bloodline and Jessica Jones in the near future!

Time to spill – what do you binge watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below!