Love is a Four Legged Word

I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO sponsored series for Socialstars™.

The first full day we had Lola, I worked from home so I could bond with my new rescue pup (I took this photo that day, and it’s still my favorite photograph of her of all time). She was abandoned, taken to a rescue, and then moved hundreds of miles away from Nashville when we adopted her. We had to work together and slowly learned to trust one another. Trust that we won’t abandon her and that, we will be there to take care of her every step of the way. Let’s say she didn’t take long to take to us and I often refer to her as my shadow. She sleeps by our feet at night and will be the first to cuddle with you the moment you sit down on the couch. It’s true what they say, a dog is a woman’s best friend!

Lola is my first pet I’ve ever had and I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without her. She’s a constant in my life that even after a rough day at the office she’s there to greet me at the door with a wiggly butt and all the puppy kisses. She has her moments, and I’m sure she feels the same way about me especially when I don’t share my human food with her. I wouldn’t trade her snorts and snoring for anything. If you ever have the chance to foster, volunteer, or rescue a dog, it’s a lot of work, you’re caring for a living creature, but it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do!

That’s why I trust NUTRO™. Every step of the way NUTRO™ works hard to product the integrity of their food. They only source from trusted farmers and suppliers, prepare their food in trusted facilities, and test for quality and safety.

They also work hard to keep their pet food clean and simple by sourcing non-GMO* ingredients as close to their native form as possible. As well as making purposeful, nutrient-rich food, ensuring every ingredient serves a purpose and making a high-quality protein the foundation of each recipe.

Since switching Lola to NUTRO™ Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Adult Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food, her coat is shinier, she has more energy, and I’ve even noticed she’s stopped licking her paws as much as she used to. Lola relies and trusts me to feed her the best, to keep her healthy, and with NUTRO™ I am able to provide her a clean and healthy meal that I know is working to keep her strong and active.

Not having to worry about what I’m feeding her, gives us more time to snuggle and catch up on our latest Netflix binge. If you haven’t watched Riverdale, it’s my latest guilty pleasure show, now that Pretty Little Liars is over!

*Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.

Photos by Lauren Konrad Photography

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