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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review


When I bought my townhouse almost six years ago, I left my childhood furniture at home and invested in a queen bedroom set.  It worked well for us over the years but over the past few months I noticed more tossing and turning than I have in years. I was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Our mattress was wreaking havoc on my back and sitting at a desk all day did not help my case.

This past winter we made over our guest room and picked up a Tuft & Needle Mattress. A handful of times over the past few months we spent the night into our guest room in search of a restful night’s sleep. After a rough night a few weeks ago, I threw in the towel and promptly ordered us a new king size mattress for our master bedroom, T&N has the best and most affordable prices – $750 for a king mattress, you seriously can’t beat that.


We quickly sold our queen sized furniture and matching nightstands. Over the course of a about a week, I was able to paint the room and we ended up camping out on our floor with our full size mattress we brought in from the guest room.

One of our favorite things about the new mattress is that it keeps you cool, this is a feature my husband appreciates. It offers heat wicking, it’s breathable, and there is a supportive layer helps keep you closer to the surface instead of sinking into the mattress.

A perk for me is the adaptive foam, it’s neither memory or latex foam, T&N created their very own type of foam that is paired with a supportive layer. No matter your size or weight, the mattress reacts to the amount of pressure you put on it. It’s just firm enough for me that allows me to find a comfortable position and sleep through the night!

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The best part is the mattress ships straight to your doorstep in a small box. It’s vacuumed sealed and as soon as you get it into place, simply carefully cut the plastic wrap and it expands in seconds. (Note to self: I unboxed this king size mattress by myself and placed it upside down on the frame when it was still wrapped up…let’s just say chaos ensued when I cut the plastic off and it expanded before I had a chance to flip it around. I’m happy there were no witnesses other than my puppy to watch this comedic event unfold. It’s definitely a two person job if you are under 5’3″ and attempting to turn a king mattress by yourself…).


If you are still hesitant, Tuft & Needle offers a 100 Night Trial and a 10 Year Warranty, so there’s no risk involved (if it doesn’t work out, they will help you donate it to a local charity)…but trust me, after sleeping on this thing for even one night you’ll be a fan.

PS. Lola may be the biggest fan of this mattress in our house…once again reminding me that it’s her world, we’re just living in it.


Tufted Wingback Headboard // gifted Lamps Plus LampNightstand // gifted Tuft & Needle Mattress // Bohemian Black by Sherwin Williams

Thank you, Tuft & Needle for sponsoring this feature, and thank you for supporting brands that support The Brunette One!

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