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The Brunette One U by Kotex

I recently watched a video posted by Refinery29 titled “Little Girls Saying BIG Girl Things”. I found myself laughing out loud to the things these girls were saying (“What? Someone just unfollowed me” “The struggle is so real.” “I’m trying to be good.” “I need one more like until I get to 11”). Most of the phrases were exaggerated but then I realized, I had often repeated some of these phrases myself. Talk about a moment of reflection. This leads me to today’s talking point – confidence!

It took me years to allow myself to be confident in my body, imperfections included (like coming to the realization that most everyone has cellulite, just not everyone has a good “photo-shopper” like famous people do). Even talking with my girlfriend’s about ‘that time of the month’ or ‘shark week’ as we often refer to it as. Who likes talking about it? No one. Honestly, it’s a fact of life and as much as we think of it as a pain in the ass – it doesn’t have to be.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you experience PMS or have an extra craving or two (or three) leading up to your period. Literally half of our population gets their period every single month – let’s not pretend it’s the plague. Female bodies can do amazing things and it’s time we own them!

So no more hiding those tampons up your shirt sleeve as you slink away to the bathroom at work or school. U by Kotex offers both tampons and liners with fun packaging and easy to conceal designs. Be confident and proud of your body, every last inch of it!

Thanks to U by Kotex and Acorn Influence for sponsoring this post!

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