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DIY Succulents Terrarium

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I posted this photo on instagram and a follower commented and asked for a DIY post. Ask and ye shall receive. I’d been staring at this West Elm Terrarium for months, thinking it would eventually house a candle, but after a recent Pinterest binge I decided it housed far better potential as a vase then a candle holder. While I may not be the world’s best gardener, I figured the easiest way to go about this project was heading to my local craft store, Michael’s. That’s right – this project contains no live greenery. There is absolutely no chance of me or you killing any living things with this DIY. #winwin

Materials: Moss, Plastic Succulents, Terrarium

1. Plant the moss at the base of the terrarium.

2. Trim the stem of the succulents and place within the moss bed.

3. Add lichen (mine came in the package of moss) to the base of the succulents and around the perimeter of the terrarium.

That’s it! No water necessary, just display on a shelf or coffee table to show off your green thumb!

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