LipSense Review


A few weeks ago, an old friend of mine, Kelsi, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in testing out a line of products she sells called LipSense.LipSense is a long lasting lip-color that won’t smear, rub off, kiss off, and is waterproof. I’d seen a few posts on Facebook and had been invited to a few groups as well. I usually just scrolled right on by the LipSense posts, but when she offered to send me a few samples, I was willing to test out the gloss to see what the hype was about.

When my Starter Set (base lip color, ‘top coat’ gloss, and a remover) arrived at my door step, I was anxious to try the colors I selected. Normally I wear bright pink or red hues, but I decided to keep it a bit neutral for some classic, every day colors. I selected Sheer Berry & First Love. I was nervous they were a bit ‘grandma-ish’ at first, but I loved how much of an everyday color each provided.

My initial reaction when I put it on (which you’ll see in the video below), is that it was a bit tingly, I’m not sure if I’m the only who experiences that, but it feels like a lip plumper. I wasn’t a fan of the smell of the lip color, but you get over it. Some lip products just smell more delicious than others. The gloss is very silky and the application is smooth. Now, the true test was if the color would last all day like it claims it will….check out for yourself in the video below from the first day I tried the product:

Much to my surprise, the color lasted all day! It was definitely not as bright as when I initially put it on in the morning, but it outlasted, by far, any other lipstick I’ve worn. I ate breakfast and lunch, drank a cup of coffee, and the only thing I needed to reapply was the gloss – I prefer a shiny gloss look to a matte if I’m wearing color.

Overall, testing out the product definitely changed my mind and I’m anxious to order more colors to add to my collection. I recommend this product, especially if you like to wear bold colors but are afraid of smearing your lipstick or getting it on your teeth!

If you are interested in purchasing LipSense – make sure to reach out to Kelsi on her Facebook page! The price range is a little more than a drug-store find, but worth every penny. The lip-colors cost between $20-$25 and they offer over 70 shades of their Long Lasting shades of Colors, plus a number of top coat options (gloss, matte, etc.). Due to the 2-3 step layering process I showed in my video above – you can also mix and match colors to find your perfect shade! My favorite part is that the products are cruelty-free and formulated with safe ingredients.

Here’s a photo of the Sheer Berry below:


Staining Cedar Columns


We are inching closer to our two year anniversary of living in our house and are slowly crossing things off our list to make this house a home. This included staining cedar columns on our front porch. When we first moved in, they weren’t yet faded from the harsh winter, our house was barely a year old when we purchased it. The cedar posts were not stained yet and the builders left this last item up to us. I couldn’t make a split second decision, nor was it top on our priority list.

This summer, after putting in our landscaping and irrigation system, the posts just screamed to be stained. They looked weathered and pathetic. Slowly, other neighbors who were in the same boat, began painting or staining their posts. However; I couldn’t just paint mine any random color, we have black shutters, a black front door, and a tan trim color. Not a lot of color to work with.

After much Pinterest research and Facebook polling with mock-ups shown and I settled on Behr’s Semi-Transparent Stain in Chocolate.

I was THISCLOSE to going with black, but I wanted to incorporate the brown hues in the rock siding that flank our garage. It doesn’t help that it made me feel a little like Joanne from Fixer Upper – this image from one of their houses was my inspiration (though, it makes me wonder if I had gone transparent would it look even more similar?).

I spent a Sunday afternoon cleaning the posts and sanding them down. Over two lunch breaks in two days, I was able to stain the cedar posts – one of the fastest and most satisfying DIYs I’ve completed. The one thing I loved about using this stain is that I didn’t have to wipe off any excess, just brush it on and you’re done! It’s not perfect, and there are spots I should have sanded a bit more throughly before staining, but overall I’m happy with the end result!

The Inspiration (from Fixer Upper):

Semi-Transparent & Transparent Chocolate in action:



Here is the mock up using the stain color above in photoshop:

Here is the before/after for your viewing delight:


During (one coat):

After (two coats): 

What a difference stain makes – I’d love to add some handles to the garage doors to help balance out the black shutters. Also – it never bothered me until my best friend pointed out the the windows above the garage are shutter-less. I had never really noticed before and now I can’t un-notice it 🙂


Laundry Room Dreaming


2017 is upon us and that means another year of projects at the McClelland household (much to my husband’s dismay), and while we don’t plan any major updates to our laundry room any time soon, it hasn’t stopped me from pinning some of my favorite rooms I’ve spotted on Pinterest.

I’d love to add some storage, a small locker room area to catch our shoes, keys, coats as we come in from the garage, and storage, did I mention storage? It’s also a place where Lola’s food, water, and bed live, so carving out a little space for her would be ideal (I love how Damsel in Dior hung photographs at her pup’s eye level – such an easy and fun way to add personality to a space).

I spent a weekend earlier this year painting the room from Tavern Taupe to Revere Pewter. However; I may paint it all white in the coming winter months, with no natural light, it still feels very dark and enclosed, and I hate walking into a space and feeling claustrophobic. Next up is the trim and backside of the door (I painted the front of the door when I tackled the trim/cabinets in my kitchen/entry hallway).

But for now, a girl can dream…

This laundry room makeover from Chris Loves Julia may be my favorite, their room is small and similar in size, it’s simple, provides multiple storage options, and they even managed to put a small sink in! Small space goals right here!

This laundry room from I Heart Organizing checks all the boxes for me. It’s bright, light, and airy. Not only provides storage, but a rod to hang up clothes as well. This would require a little bit more of a labor intensive reno, but would be SO worth it!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, another laundry room with wood flooring, a bright rug, butcher block counter tops, and white cabinets! Plus, you know I’m not afraid of a little wallpaper, and this bird print is so fun and playful!

If we take the time and effort to add-in cabinetry, I’m not opposed to adding a little color into the mix or even some shiplap as seen in this Kate Marker Interiors laundry room!

While there are just the two of us right now, we could definitely stand for a locker area in our laundry room. We enter from our garage more so than our front door to come in and out of the house, so it’d be more convenient to have a place to store our coats, shoes, and bags after we come home from work every day! This storage area from Studio McGee is simply dreamy (but isn’t all of their work just as dreamy?!)

Here’s to project dreaming in 2017!