A Special Memory


Havenly, who I’ve worked with in the past to design my living room (see their feature here), offered me the idea to share one or two sentimental objects in our home. The most sentimental objects reside in my home office. Cody and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary at the end of May and I thought I’d share a special memory from that day with all of you. It all starts with my grandparents.

My grandma unexpectedly passed away a few years ago and we had to move my grandpa to assisted living across the state to be closer to family (he became blind about twelve years ago). When our family went back to get their house cleaned out and ready to sell, we stumbled across a box in their storage room. I swear my grandma was almost to the level of hoarding, but she and my grandpa grew up in the Great Depression and saved EVERYTHING. This box we found, however; is something my entire family is grateful she kept.

The box contained letters that they had written to one another in the 1940s, documenting their engagement and leading up to their engagement. They lived in separate towns at the time, so it was a long distance relationship. Every single letter was kept, her letters to him and his letters in response. Most were hand written with a mixture of typed letters. My cousin and aunt took on the task of putting them in chronologically order and then had them scanned so we could put all the letters into a book. There ended up being enough letters between the two to fill two volumes. For the record, my grandma’s letters were about two times longer than any of my grandpas. Not very surprising!

I love reading their conversations and thinking in today’s world, we would simply be sending texts back and forth.Nothing is more romantic than their love letters discussing the simplest things like what they are listening to on the radio, what they purchased at the store, to how much they miss one another, to what their day entailed.

So where does this fit into our wedding day?

Cody and I had decided not to do gifts, and just to write letters to open up the morning before the ceremony. My cousin brought in this box to the suite where I was getting ready and I sat down to open it. These photos may be some of my favorite of our special day. The first thing I saw when I opened the type writer, was my grandpa’s hand writing. I immediately burst into tears. It was a letter that he had written before their wedding day. His words were so moving, it was serious Notebook level romantic.

Behind my grandpa’s letter, Cody had written his own message to me. The words on both of those letters I won’t share, but I hold them near and dear to my heart. So today, I proudly display the type writer in my office to remind me of my grandparent’s 60 plus year love affair that grew with three children and onto 6 grandchildren and a lot of love in-between (our family is crazy close). The machine sits on a shelf beneath an old camera I snagged from their house and a 1930’s copy of Little Women that once belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl.

Their love is so special to me, that I even got a tattoo of my grandmother’s signature sign off, “All My Love” and added a special touch from one of my grandpa’s letters, “xxxx”.

What beloved décor piece in your home do you covet the most? Leave a comment below, I love hearing the stories behind mementos in people’s homes.

This is not a sponsored post, just opening up to a little behind the scenes of our wedding day and what makes me happy inside. I loved working with Havenly and you will too – if you need a consultation or e-design – check out their site!


Office Photography by Cassandra Monroe | Wedding Photography by Aly Carroll


All Paws On Deck


I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO sponsored series for Socialstars™

Now that it’s warmer we are trying to get outside as much as possible. Lola is the queen of naps and probably would sleep 23 out of 24 hours a day if she could. Exercise is just as important for her as it is for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so we often go on long walks around the neighborhood and then she basks in the sunlight at every opportunity. It’s amazing what a little Vitamin D, exercise, and some delicious food can do for the soul, and trust me, this dog knows what’s up.

A few weeks ago we installed a fence (finally). I’ve never had the luxury of experiencing pet life with a fence prior to this moment in my life and I’m doing all the happy dances. I can finally let Lola enjoy the backyard without the fear of her running into a neighbor’s yard or into the busy street behind our house. Now, we get to experience the freedom of running around in the backyard and enjoying our deck this summer, especially once our new deck furniture arrives in a couple of weeks! I’ll be channeling my inner Emily Henderson and have every intention of creating a little patio oasis for all of us (you can see Lola already enjoying the chairs that have arrived). When the weather works out in our favor, we can bring the inside out and set up Lola’s food and water dishes outside so she can play, nap, and eat all in our enclosed backyard.

Admittedly, I’m sure she will be less interested in this area and would rather work on following the sun across the backyard, but this way she always has access to her food and water bowls when we are playing outside. It’s these simple projects we are doing to help encourage a healthier lifestyle for Lola and our family. Just like NUTRO™ keeps its pet food simple by sourcing non-GMO† ingredients and never adding artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors as part of their NUTRO. FEED CLEAN™ philosophy . Every ingredient serves a purpose and focuses on providing a protein filled meal with every bite she takes. Lola trusts us to take care of her, and I trust NUTRO™ Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Adult Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food to provide farm sourced, high quality food for my dog!

*Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.



House Updates


Life has been a bit crazy since the beginning of the year. I’ve been super busy at work and a huge install starts next week and will last through September. I’m savoring the calm before the storm, but in the mean time, here are some progress reports from around the McClelland household…

I’ve finished painting the trim and the stairwell/hallway on our second floor. After much debate and one coat of white paint, I ended up going back to my tried and true Revere Pewter for the spaces. It keeps the look consistent and flows with the first floor.

We also had our backsplash removed and updated to subway tile! This was definitely not a DIY project on our end and we hired it out.  I’m so happy with the outcome and how much it brightens up the space. The picture below is before he grouted the backsplash. I then took it upon myself to switch out all the almond color outlets to white (I watched a few You Tube videos to educate myself as an ‘amateur’ electrician). I’ve never felt so empowered then after I completed that project!

Last, but not least, we finally had a fence installed. Lola can run free or simply snooze on the patio without having to be tethered to the deck. It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to utilize our backyard without fear of her running into a busy street! We still need to stain both the deck (love this stain color that Jessica Garvin used) and the fence, but right now we are just enjoying its functionality!

Upcoming projects (because, there’s always a list), would be painting the trim in our guest bedroom and master bedroom, and eventually tackling the trim and cabinets in the upstairs bathrooms. Trim, now that I’ve mostly completed the first floor, my office, and the upstairs hallway and stairwell, I’ve learned is a pretty easy project but just takes a time commitment.

I have a huge San Francisco round up I’m working on, just need to find time to edit some photos and then I will get that posted for you guys! So, that’s what has been keeping me busy at home! To follow more day-to-day, make sure to follow along on Instagram/Insta-Stories!