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A Romantic Valentine’s Night In


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether or not you celebrate with a significant other or with your girlfriends (love a good Galentine’s Day celebration), there are a few essentials you need if you plan on celebrating it from the comfort of your own home! We tend to keep Valentine’s Day pretty low-key at our house. In the past we have typically done a dinner/movie date. With the arrival of Jack, I have a feeling we will be enjoying the evening from the comfort of our own home in between diaper changes and feedings. Here are a few items and gift ideas that will help us do just that!

Edible Arrangements Valentine Day Gift Set – While flowers may be the traditional gift of the holiday, Edible Arrangements make the their bouquets not only decorative, but delicious too, the perfect unique Valentine gift. Fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, heart shaped pineapple, and a bouquet of festive balloons?  What more could someone want? Edible Arrangements are made locally, even offers same day, hand delivery, so make sure to get yours ordered in time for that special someone in your life! Get 20% off your order with discount code DISC2249 at checkout for any order over $49 and ordered/delivered through 2/13.

Maidenform Bra + Pantie Set – A night in may not call for getting dressed up, but putting on a matching lacy set underneath your joggers and oversized sweatshirt can still make you feel amazing! Going from being pregnant for nine months and living in leggings and oversized shirts, this matching set can do wonders for your confidence! Their lace lace bras are lightly lined for a touch of support and their  lace panties lay flat under your clothing!

Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn – A night in isn’t complete without a delicious snack (or two!). Popcorn, Indiana offers this non-GMO, gluten free treat that is made with a pinch of salt and pure cane sugar. There is no mess or prep time with this popcorn treat, simply open the bag, pour it into a bowl, and serve! My favorite flavor happens to be the Black & White, dark and white chocolate drizzled over their kettlecorn. Yum!

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Love + Passion – This soy wax blend made with essential oils will infuse your space with a grapefruit mango aroma. This Valentine’s Day Candle with it’s stylish design and nature-inspired fragrance is sure to set the mood.

The Traveler Beer Company – After abstaining from any and all alcohol while pregnant with Jack, I’m going to happily indulge with one Blackberry Shandy this Valentine’s Day. Their shandies are a wheat ale made with real blackberries. Traveler Beer Company brews their own ale with real fruit! Check out their website for all their flavors and recipes for delicious cocktails! I can’t wait to make the Blackberry Punch!

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Easy Like Sunday Morning


We are officially one month into parenthood. Is there a way to slow down time? If so, I’d like to try it. Our days are pretty slow around while I soak in every ounce of maternity leave with my little man. We’ve spent a lot of tip cooped up due to negative temperatures but this past weekend we had temps in the high 40s which almost feels tropical after the weather we’ve had earlier this month. We finally took our first walk around the neighborhood, it was wonderful!

The living room is where we spend most of our days, binge watching all the shows (I strongly suggest The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), working on our thank you notes (Jack came two weeks early so my to-do list pre-baby arrival was postponed), scrolling through Instagram, and snuggling with our puppy sister, Lola. Lola has made the transition to big sister and is handling the new role fairly well. She is a lap dog, so she finds any way possible to weasel her way onto my lap or to position herself so she is at least touching me when I’m holding/feeding Jack. She will follow us into his nursery in the middle of the night for a feeding and is always on high alert when he starts to cry. It’s the sweetest thing and thankfully put all my fears to rest that I had prior to Jack’s arrival.

My mom helped us out a few days last week and we were able to go out to lunch and then to Gordmans for our first outing! We made it through lunch with Jack napping the entire time, but I had to speed shop as Jack started crying half way through our trip at Gordmans because it was his dinner time. I ended up having to feed him in the backseat of my car. I even ha a moment of panic trying to remove the carseat from the stroller, talk about mom brain. Google saved the day. #newmomprobs

I was a woman on a mission as we made our way through the store. I ended up grabbing a modern wooden planter that fits in perfectly with our living room decor. Along with the planter, I grabbed a larger dog bed for Lola who keeps eyeing all of Jack’s blankets and play mat as a place for her to rest her head. So far, she knows to use the dog bed instead of snuggling up on Jack’s blankets. I also grabbed this fleece monkey blanket for Jack, he loves to lay flat and actually seems to enjoy tummy time. Bring on all the cozy blankets for Jack Finley!

Last but not least, I grabbed these beautiful thank you notes and the perfect mug. It symbolizes all the sleep I wish I was getting right now. I know the nights are long (he’s a marathon eater between the hours of 9-11pm which is hard, but once he’s down, he sleeps like a champ until 2:30/3am) but give me ALL. THE. COFFEE. :)

The best part about all the new goodies I picked up, I knew I was getting the best bang for the buck. Gordmans not only has amazing prices but they have something called their “Lowest Price Guarantee.” To make sure they offer the lowest price possible, if you find the same item elsewhere for a lower price, they will match the competitor’s price and give you a $5 gift card! How awesome is that? I walked out of Gordmans with my haul for under $100, this new mama is ballin’ on a budget and my wallet couldn’t have been happier!

This post is sponsored by Gordmans. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make The Brunette One possible!

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Clean Eating…Not Just for Humans


I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Over the past few months I have been trying to create positive habits in my personal life. From trying to create a better work/life balance (leaving work at 5pm), working out (going to yoga class at least once a week), to eating healthier (I quit eating fast food in December…trying to eat less artificial sugar). I’m definitely not perfect in my execution of the aforementioned goals, but my life is a constant work-in-progress with room for improvement.

For me, it’s about doing the little things that can help me reach my goals. Little things like making it to yoga twice a week, but not beating myself up if I don’t make it because something else comes up, or simply switching to air-popped popcorn instead of microwave popcorn (trust me, popcorn is a food group in my diet), or simply turning my work e-mail ‘off’ on my phone to help reduce my anxiety of always being available.

When evaluating my daily habits, I realized there was no point in just stopping with me but to evaluate the decisions we were making for the well being of our dog, Lola! Cody always jokes with me that I treat her like my child, and I don’t deny it. She’s my baby girl and I want what is best for her. We adopted Lola three years ago from a rescue in Nashville. We had her for a trial period, but I knew the moment Cody brought her home, she was never leaving.

So first things first, I started with the food we were feeding her. Admittedly, I was previously buying food off the shelf without doing any research. As a first time pet owner (Cody has had dogs before; Lola is my first pet, ever), I don’t have any notes or previously knowledge to best compare brands and what’s best for her.  I can spend hours going down an internet black hole researching skincare products for myself, however; I realized I needed to be spending the same time investing in products that keep my girl strong, healthy, and around for a very long time! This is where NUTRO™ came into our life.

In the food we cook for ourselves, we try to utilize all natural, non-GMO ingredients and thankfully NUTRO™ does too. I slowly introduced Lola to their new dry food product, NUTRO™ Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Adult Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food a few weeks ago and to say she enjoyed it was an understatement. Made with no more than 10 ingredients, the food not only offers high-quality protein, but also provides nutrients to promote healthy skin. We have struggled from time to time with Lola’s allergies and skin sensitivity, so anything to help her keep her coat soft and shiny, I’m willing to try! I’m sure Lola would agree, as she loves to look her best when she’s modeling for The Brunette One (exhibit ABC, and D). Prime example below, I can’t even with her guilty eyes after knocking over the bag of food, it’s safe to say we have a NUTRO™ enthusiast.

Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.