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A Day at Center Grove Orchard



Right before Halloween, my best friend Jackie, her little boy, Landon, and I spent the day at Center Grove Orchard just outside of Des Moines. We fed the goats, visited the turkeys, ate ice cream, played in the corn pool, and of course, hand picked our very own pumpkins. Next year I promised myself I would try the corn maze! While we were there, I took some family photos for Jackie. Landon was such a ham! I may or may not have asked Landon to be my date (ahem, excuse) so I could act like a kid for a few hours, although he was at times way too cool for me – ha!

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captureI’ve been up since 5am and have just started to fully process the outcome of the election. I wept with Hillary Clinton during her concession speech and my heart just hurts right now. We must move forward, one foot in front of the other, with conscious effort to make sure the next four years are shaped by love, kindness, and acceptance. I may not agree with the politics, the policy, or the person of our President-Elect (and therefore, you may not agree with me), but I know that we have so much work to do to make sure we do NOT take a hundred steps back in history. We have to opt-in and have courage as Dan Rather said, and make sure our voice is ALWAYS heard. Love will ALWAYS trump hate and we will always be STRONGER TOGETHER.

If you are looking for guidance or comfort, a few bloggers have eloquently put into words what I and so many others are feeling, words that I simply cannot find today.

Cup of Jo
Danielle Moss
The Daily Tay

To leave with you with some parting wisdom from Hillary Clinton herself, “Never stop believing the fight for what’s right is worth it.”

And to every woman, no matter your age, “…Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

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“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.” – Susan B. Anthony

The day we have been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived. It’s Election Day and I hope, if you haven’t already exercised your right to vote early, you get out to your local polling station and vote! Voting is one way to stay involved and help make a difference in our community, state, and country, and this election season is more important than ever. No matter the candidate you support, stand for SOMETHING, and VOTE!

PS. If you need to find out where your polling location is, just head to this website and enter your location.