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26 Weeks


Old Navy Swing Dress (non-maternity) | Steve Madden Booties (old, similar here) | Rarest Rainbow Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings (c/o)

I wish I could be more timely with these updates, but thus is life. I’m officially in my 26th week and officially past the sixth month mark. I feel like my second trimester has really flown by, unlike my first (which could be because you are keeping a secret for the majority of your first trimester).

We had our twenty week appointment and got to see the little one up close for the first time with all ten fingers, toes, and even their sweet little profile. There’s one image that they printed for us that shows Baby Mack’s little button nose and lips. I melt every time I look at the sonogram. As I’ve mentioned before, we aren’t finding out the gender, but that didn’t stop me from trying to figure it out during the ultrasound. Don’t worry, I wasn’t able to see anything. They gave the envelope to Cody and he has it hidden somewhere in our house. I’d like to say that it’s sheer willpower that I haven’t searched for it, but I honestly don’t mind not knowing.

I have to have a third ultrasound in two weeks to follow up on a few things they noted on the 20 week ultrasound, so while I’m trying to keep my nerves at bay (the doctors aren’t too concerned, just taking some precautions) and we get to see Baby Mack at least one more time before their arrival.

At my 24 week appointment, I had to take the the dreaded glucola test. I thought it was going to be this horrible drink, but it was more like a shot of fruit punch. The horrible part was the waiting..did you pass (a letter in the mail) or did you fail (phone call the next day)? Thank goodness I passed!

Here’s a quick update on my pregnancy right now:

What I’m Wearing

I’m strictly wearing maternity clothes at this point. I feel like I’m carrying a little lower which makes wearing anything tight under the belly really uncomfortable, so I’m gravitating to leggings and the jeans that I have that offer a full panel support. The temperatures are starting to drop so you soon will see me living in leggings and cozy sweaters. I picked up the dress you see me wearing in this post in multiple colors, it’s so soft and comfortable and won’t dig into my stomach at all.

What I’m Loving

Baby Kicks: Kicks (or punches) are happening with full force. Within the last few days the kicks have become even more frequent and it still catches me off guard, especially when it feels like they are rolling around vs. just a kick or a punch. I love it, but it’s still so crazy to think about Baby Mack trying to find a comfortable position within such a ‘small’ space.

Cravings & Aversions: I’m finally able to eat all my favorite foods again – I even had steak at the wedding I was at this past weekend. I’ve recently swapped out my love for peaches for anything apple related – applesauce, apple cider, sliced apples, I’m here for it all.

A Growing Bump: I’ve fully embraced my bump and love showing it off. I’ve started to experience people coming up to me and touching the bump. So far, it’s been people I know, no strangers yet. I love looking at pictures from even two weeks ago and see how much my bump is growing. It just shows that Baby Mack is getting bigger and stronger week by week!


Prepping for Baby

What I’m Reading: Still only a little ways through Brining Up Bébé, but staying up-to-date on what to expect each week with my bump apps on my phone. I’ve been following a few more mom bloggers, I love following along with their journeys including both the ups and downs!

Nursery: Slowly but surely coming together. The room has been painted (both walls and trim), dresser and crib have been built. Now it’s onto the accessories and decor. The rug should be in within the next few weeks and then it’s just waiting on the chair (which for some reason had a 9-12 week lead time). I’m working on a blog post filled with before photos and progress photos. Hopeful to do a full reveal post in November!

Registry: I ended up registering at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon. I think I have the big things covered, but keeping everything is neutral and have registered for zero clothes. I would say this has been the HARDEST part of not finding out the gender. Stores don’t make it easy to shop for gender neutral baby clothes!

What I’m Struggling With

Breakouts: I ended up adding a few charcoal products to my arsenal and have started to notice a difference in my skin. If you are struggling – try the charcoal bar from beautycounter. My friend recommended it to me and I feel like it’s helped clear up my skin.

Heartburn: I’ve had a little bit of heartburn over the past two weeks. I’ve never experienced it before, so just trying to keep an eye on it. It doesn’t last very long and hasn’t gotten in the way of anything like sleep.

Sleep: Speaking of sleep, I’m sleeping through the night again. Some nights Lola has gotten me up, I think she knows something is up, but while I’m up I use the restroom. I suppose it’s just practice for the little one’s late night wake up calls. We had a wedding this past weekend and I made it to 11pm (dinner, one slow song, and hitting up the photo booth), it’s all I could do not to fall asleep at the table. I’m normally on the dance floor until the last song, but I had no shame walking back to our hotel room and watching HGTV until I fell asleep.

Lola: Lola has become my shadow, even more so than before I got pregnant. I’m nervous for the transition once baby arrives, but seeing how she interacts with my nieces and nephews, I’m sure she will be fine. However; it still is on my radar to read up on how to best introduce and transition Lola to our newest addition.

Emotional: I feel like I’ve been less easily irritated in the last few weeks, but still emotional. Everything makes me weepy these days, especially a lot of the videos that pop up on Facebook.

As I round out my second trimester, I’m anxious for the months to turn into weeks as we get closer and closer to meeting our little one. Stay tuned for another update in a couple of weeks!


Nursery Inspiration


I’ve had a “Tiny Tots” Pinterest board for years. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the art of a stylish nursery or an adorable onesie. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite nursery pins as I start the task of putting together Baby Mack’s very own room. We aren’t planning on finding out if Baby Mack is a boy or a girl, so we are planning for a pretty neutral nursery. Below are elements I am pulling from to bring into their room. I am not into super themed nurseries, but I’m obsessed with the collection of Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper (also…why is this not removable vs. legit wallpaper). However; we are making do!

(source unknown via pinterest)

This is the actual dresser we purchased from Target. A friend of mine bought it for her nursery and once she posted a photo of it, I knew it was a must-have for our space. I want to pick out pieces that will grow with our children and can be reused in future nurseries or bedrooms.


This nursery is a dream. I’m into a little bit more color and personality, but that Rifle Paper Co wallpaper is such perfection in my eyes. I wish it were removable wallpaper and came in more colors, there used to be a teal option but has long since sold out. Cody would like me to just stick with paint for the nursery…a challenge if you will? I’d love to do something funky with framed wallpaper samples instead of a statement wall.


Wall shelving is a must in our space. This kid of ours is going to love to read, whether they like it or not! I’ll be reusing the two wooden shelves from my office, and will pick up one or two more. Time to start their book collection!


Because we are creating a gender neutral nursery, some of the details to make the room will come in once baby is here. I love the unexpected pops of color, especially the mint blue trim and the shades of purple. Can we also talk about the beloved Animal Print Shop prints? I think we will do a few baby animal prints for our little one.


This little vignette from Elements of Style houses a lot of things we plan to bring into our nursery. A soft shade of blue for the walls, a gray rocker/swivel chair, and some sort of pouf!

I can’t wait to show you the mood board I’ve pulled together. We have a lot of prep work to do in the space, as well as figure out what to do with all of my office furniture that we won’t be reusing (the beloved pink couch, rug, desk, file cabinet, book shelf, and acrylic chair). We will be reusing a few of the accessories (side table, mirror, and wall shelving). Stay tuned!


19 Weeks


Modcloth Sweater c/o| Old Navy Maternity Jeans | Rebecca Minkoff Backpack | Converse

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve checked in and we are officially in the second trimester. As I write this, I’m 19 weeks (almost five months).  We have our 20 week appointment and ultrasound this Friday! I can’t believe we are almost half way there. I think we’ve finally decided that we will NOT be finding out the gender of Baby Mack. If we’ve made it this far, what’s another 20 weeks? Right? Although, I still think I’ll have the doctor put it in an envelope in case we change our minds!

PS. Should I just rename this post, “The One Where She Holds The Bump” haha

Here’s a quick update on my pregnancy right now:

What I’m Wearing

Tops: Thank goodness for tunic tops and peplum detailing like this one from Modcloth. I’ve been living in both styles of tops as my belly starts to pop. This knit sweater, also from Modcloth, has been an amazing addition to my wardrobe. I’m wearing a small and it’s long enough to cover my tush and handle a growing bump. I’m all about versatile tops these days that can be worn both to work and swapped out with leggings the moment I get home. Most maternity shopping has to be done online (frustrating), but thankfully Modcloth offers in-house stylists if I have any questions about how something will fit prior to purchasing or finding the right size for my growing bump!

Jeans: My biggest struggle has been finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans. I just don’t think they exist. I could do the ‘pony-tail’ trick on a few of my non-maternity jeans, but most are high-waisted and that just IS NOT happening these days. I thought I would find love with the jeans from the new maternity collab with Target, but they just didn’t work for me. I ended up ordering a few pairs from Old Navy, which I love their non-maternity jeans, so right now I’m happy with their maternity options, I didn’t spend a fortune and was able to pick up a few different styles for work this fall and winter.

Dresses: I love showing off my bump. I know some women may not be into that, but I love seeing my baby grow each week and snapping a quick selfie to see the progress (sometimes you don’t even realize how much you’ve grown in just a few days). I have three midi-length tank dresses that all have ruched detailing that I’ve lived in this summer.

What I’m Loving

Baby Kicks: At my last two appointments I was told conflicting information regarding baby kicks. One doctor thought that because I am petite I wouldn’t feel kicks until 20 weeks or beyond, and at my 16 week appointment, the nurse thought I would feel them sooner because I was petite. Either way, I think I’m feeling the baby kick every once and awhile, or at least that is what I’m telling myself! I can’t wait until I can feel the full fledged kicks.

Cravings & Aversions: Still not into grilled chicken, but I’d do anything for a medium rare steak right now. I’m easing myself back into eating eggs, especially scrambled eggs because it’s not recommended to eat eggs over easy. Overall, most of my aversions have gone away. I’ve been craving cereal and milkshakes. If you are ever in the Des Moines area, I suggest Zombie Burger – they have THE BEST milkshakes, especially the Zombie Wedding Cake shake. It happens to be even better when spiked, but I’ll have to wait a few more months to treat myself to that!

Exercise: My main form of exercise these days is taking walks with Lola. I need to start looking into some pre-natal yoga. I tend to do some yoga stretches every night before bed, my lower back and legs have started to bother me a little bit. I need to do a better job of walking around during the day, which sometimes is easier than others if I’m walking a job site or doing a field measure.

Beverages: I’ve been drinking a ton of water, which is good, but have switched it up to iced tea for at least one meal a day. I am not a pop drinking nor do I like sparkling water. I had a rough day at work last week and ALL I wanted was a summer shandy. There’s always next summer! :)


Prepping for Baby

What I’m Reading: The only thing I have started to read is Brining Up Bébé (the difference between American and French parenting) and weekly updates on pregnancy apps on my phone. I haven’t read that much. I’m take each day at a time and not stress about what will come next. I know whatever I read will fly out the window once Baby Mack is here and we will all figure it out together and what will work best for our family.

Nursery: I think I finally landed on a paint color. I’ve been trying to color match a shade I saw in a Pinterest photo. Nine paint samples later, I think I finally landed on one. It was a shade of blue from Sherwin Williams (Blue Horizon) lightened about 50%. I picked out my crib and it should be here end of October. We have a dresser that needs to get put together and then it’s all about finding the perfect swivel glider. All the details and accessories will come in time, I have a lot of items I’m reusing from my office.

Registry: I finally started making a registry, if you have any suggestions of must-have items, let me know! Especially for those first few months! Picking the cute stuff like sheets, towels, swaddles was easy, but I’m clueless when it comes to the essentials!

What I’m Struggling With

Breakouts: I know this is not a fun topic and may be a little TMI, but the hormones are causing breakouts on my chest and upper back and it’s ANNOYING. My mom experienced this too during her pregnancies, but doesn’t make life any easier. Thankfully the acne has stayed away from my face so far with a few minor breakouts here and there.

Round Ligament Pain: Real thing. When I sneeze or laugh it will catch me off guard and I swear I feel like I’m permanently damaging my stomach. My doctor swears it’s totally normal.

Emotional: This has come full circle the last couple of weeks. I’m more easily pissed off these days and often share my opinion before I even think about filtering what I’m going to say. That is pretty out of the norm for me, so I’m trying to remember to process everything before I open my mouth. I also can switch on a dime and become even more emotional, it doesn’t take much to make the tears start to flow. Thankfully, my husband has taken a few of my outbursts in stride, and I’ve only cried at work once (but to be fair, it was a BAD morning).

Stress: Work and the current events happening in our world the past few weeks have added a lot of stress to my daily life. After what happened in Charlottesville, I had a lot of fears manifest about the kind of world we are going to bring a new human into. Frankly, it pisses me off and makes me want to weep at the same time. All we can do is raise our child to be kind, to treat one another with respect despite any differences that may arise, and to know that love is love is love and the color of ones skin or the religion they practice does not make anyone less.

Despite what’s happening in the world putting everything else into perspective, work has been STRESSFUL. The last phase of my summer long project (two buildings, four floors each), is finally installing. Managing timelines, trades, vendors, and clients between two sales people and a very full install schedule has been testing my limits, which normally I feel like I handle fairly well, but as I said above, my emotions are all over the place and pregnancy brain is real. It’s been hard for me to ask for help, but I know that it’s ok to say I need help every now and again and thankfully I work with amazing people who are willing to take on some tasks to help alleviate a little bit of my stress!

So that’s a fairly long update of what my pregnancy is looking like thus far. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks and months!