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Interiors & Exteriors: A Quick House Update


A lot has been done to our house since my latest room reveal! I’ve been hard at work painting…painting…and more painting.  I spent weeks picking out the right neutral color for our first floor, while individual spaces in our home continue to get hit with color. I guess that’s the beauty of making a space your own. I can test out different trends I love in each space, and just have fun with it! On with the updates…

Our master bedroom refresh is well underway. Walls have been painted (Bohemian Black by Sherwin Williams), we upgraded to a Tuft & Needle king-sized mattress, and we set up our nightstands and similar lamps that were generously gifted from Lamps Plus. Cody hung up the curtains a few weeks ago, and now it’s on to my favorite part,styling. I need to figure out artwork, restyle my dresser, and put the room back together – this is always the longest part of the process for me.

The Brunette One House Updates__2

The Brunette One House Updates__1

My office is more or less put together. I have all the furniture I need, it just needs a few finishing touches. I work for a commercial interior design company and we are starting on our very own office renovation and we have to be out starting this Friday. This means my home office is about to become my BFF and I want to turn it into a space that feels productive instead of mass chaos. I have an entire closet worth of craft supplies that I need to purge and find better storage for my photography lights, and misc. artwork that hasn’t found a home since we’ve moved. I’m working with two desks in the office, one you can see below – I snagged this sit-to-stand desk at my office’s tent sale, and then I have a white parson’s desk along the window on the opposite wall.

The Brunette One House Updates_3

The biggest change that will come to this space are the walls. Everything, including the trim, baseboards, and possibly the closet doors will be getting a fresh coat of white. I’ve ordered a few samples of wallpaper for the back wall where the couch currently sits.  I’ve since donated the tufted bench to my mom’s house and had my grandpa’s slated wood bench redone for the space, as shared on instagram a few months ago. My office refresh will be partly inspired by’s office!

The exterior has seen the most progress these past few months. We invested in some low-maintenance landscaping and a sprinkler system. We’ve had the sprinkler system for almost a month, and can attest to the value of our sprinkler system has been during this summer heat!

The Brunette One House Updates_4

We have plans to add a cement patio next to our deck along with replacing our current deck boards and replacing them with composite boards. Once that’s complete, we will get to install a fence (I’m counting down the days until I can let Lola roam free in the backyard)! I have to be reminded that money, in fact, does not grow on trees, and that these updates will not happen over night, but a girl can dream…or at least dream on Pinterest!

Last but not least, I spent the majority of this spring tackling our kitchen. I was so fed up with the tan walls that I literally went through 50 shades of gray to find one that would compliment our trim and kitchen cabinets. After going through 10 paint samples, a half coat of March Wind, a full coat of Light French Gray, I finally repainted the entire space Revere Pewter. Eventually I’ll get a post up about this entire process…but for now, a quick before and after of the space.

Below:  Tavern Taupe by Sherwin Williams (original paint by the builders):

The Brunette One House Updates_2

After…Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore:

The Brunette One House Updates_1

The dining room and kitchen have a much brighter feel during the day and continue to do so once the sun sets, which the previous paint didn’t allow for! It’s funny how changing the wall color can change the ENTIRE feel of a room.  The latest addition to the space is our IKEA DIY Fauxdenza, Cody was the entire man power behind this project, I just had to source out getting the materials (Thanks, Mom!), and making sure IKEA sent the correct replacement parts (dumb plastic pieces).

Cody and his brother are going to build us a farm-house inspired table. I’ve been itching for a standard-height rustic dining room table since we moved, and because our previous layout in our old house allowed for this table to extend into a square to fix 6 people, I now need a longer table that better accommodates the narrow dining room we have to work with in this house. With a new table will come a need for new dining room chairs, and possibly a DIY bench.

That’s all for now…hopefully by the end of this summer I’ll have a brand new office to debut and a complete master bedroom reveal for you!


DIY Patriotic Mason Jar


The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

Do you remember the first time someone sent you flowers? Were you at school? At the office? Or at home? One of my favorite memories of receiving flowers from my husband was after my car was broken into a few years ago. It was a bright spot in a very frustrating moment in my life. I still hold on to the card that he sent with the flowers and it can still bring a smile to my face. was kind enough to send me a beautiful Fourth of July bouquet of Deluxe White Dendrobium Orchids (30 18″ stems imported from Thailand) and this inspired my DIY Patriotic Mason Jar vases to house these flowers.

I selected my bouquet to be delivered on 6/28. I ended up working late on Tuesday, but the flowers were on my doorstep when I arrived home. They were packaged in a box and even though they had been sitting in the sun for a few hours, they were in mint condition when I opened up the box later that evening. Each stem had its own plastic tip filled with water. The arrangement even came with it’s own glass vase – though you could pay more for an upgrade on the vase.

To showcase our new patriotic flowers, I crafted this very easy Fourth of July themed Mason Jar vase project. I decided to forgo my original idea of painting the mason jars red, white, and blue (though I still may do that for next year), and picked up some burlap and red and blue striped ribbon.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

Materials: 2″ Burlap, 1/2″  Red Ribbon, 2″ Blue Ribbon, 3 Quart Size Mason Jars, Scissors, Hot Glue, Twine

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

1. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the circumference mason jar, trim any excess burlap.

2. Lay the 1/2″ ribbon on top of the cut burlap – trim to correct length and hot glue the red striped ribbon to the burlap (be aware of any hot glue that seeps through the burlap…it would be smart to glue over a scrap piece of cardboard).

3. Wrap the burlap and ribbon sash around the mason jar, secure with a dot of hot glue.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with 4. Take a 6-8″ piece of blue ribbon and fold into thirds.

5. Secure the folded ribbon by tying a double knot with twine around the center of the bow. Make sure to align the knot with the unfinished side of the bow.

6. Cover the twine with another piece of smaller ribbon, we reused the smaller 1/2″ striped ribbon.

7. Repeat Step 3 and wrap the burlap tightly around the center of the mason jar and secure with a dot of hot glue. 

8. You can call it a day or continue to decorate the burlap with additional ribbon. I added another piece of ribbon along the center of the burlap.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

The best part of this entire crafting process is adding the fresh flowers! Fill your mason jars up with water. Trim the stems under running water and remove any excess flowers or leaves that are below water level when placed in the jars to extend the life of your flowers. Every few days trim the stems of the flowers and refresh the water. Add plant food if you wish!

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

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Guest Bedroom, The Reveal


The Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealView More: Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealThe Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealView More: Brunette One Guest Bedroom RevealView More:

Here it is, the final reveal of our guest bedroom! I was initially hesitant about the bold color on all four walls, but that went out the window once painting was complete! Every time I walk by the room, I can’t help but smile, it gives me all the feels! But to appreciate the room as it is now, we must go back to where we started…

The Before


This photo signifies the ‘catch-all’ the room had become for all of my miscellaneous belongings. I took some time to sort through this mess, but I’ll be honest and admit that a lot of this junk ended up on the floor in my once ‘spotless’ office. I need to find some creative storage for all my luggage…that or a garage sale!

If you need a quick reminder where the inspiration came from for this room, check out this post.

As a reminder, the requirements for the guest bedroom:

  • New Paint
  • Dresser/Nightstands
  • Guest Toiletry Area
  • Extra Lighting
  • New Headboard/Mattress
  • Storage for linens (we don’t have a linen closet, so we need to find storage holds linens and extra supplies
  • Artwork Above Dresser

The Design

The Brunette One Guest Room Reveal with Dutch Boy Paint

The Process

the brunette one dutch boy simply greendutch boy

In addition to receiving paint for the project (Dutch Boy Platinum Paint in Simply Green 130-7DB available at Menards), I also received all the Purdypainting supplies I needed. I split my painting over three evenings. The paint I used included a primer, but I still needed to do two coats per wall to make the color really pop. While initially nervous about the outcome of selecting such a deeply vibrant color, I’m obsessed with the end-product. It’s very moody and is the opposite of my usual bright and airy aesthetic.

To stay on a budget, I created a new headboard by following this tutorial.  I picked up batting, 2 twin foam mattress pads, 2 yards of fabric from, and utilized plywood we had in our garage to make the new headboard. Super easy to recreate – all you need is a staple gun!  I ordered a full bed frame from Amazon. The white bedding helps brighten up the room; however, we’ll see how long it lasts between guests and a dog that has now claimed the room as her own. 

The furniture we ended up using for the space comes from my childhood bedroom and will now house extra linens and supplies like extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, and toilet paper. The IKEA cart will hold any immediate needs for our guests this holiday season. I plan to add granola bars, bottles of water, our WiFi password, etc.

We had our first guest this past weekend and she said the mattress was a dream.  A huge shout out to Tuft & Needle for sending us a new mattress for the room. It arrived in about 3-5 business days, and once we got it upstairs, it took less than a minute to get it out of the box and on the frame. Check out my un-boxing video here (nothing fancier than an iPhone video):

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The Brunette One Guest Bedroom Reveal

gifted Tuft & Needle Mattress / gifted Simply Green 130-7DB by Dutch Boy Paint  and Purdy Paint Supplies / DIY Headboard (Target Version) / Target Comforter Set / CB2 Pink Pillow / Urban Outfitters Sconces / IKEA Cart / Target Mirror / Target Urchins / Target Lamp (Old), Similar Here & Here / Kate Spade Print (found at Home Goods)

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  • Photography by Lauren Konrad.
  • Styling and Design by Samantha McClelland.