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Upgrading Our Blinds for the Nursery


Hudson Crib c/o Homemakers | Ikea Chair & Ottoman | Amazon Penmanship Print| Pillowfort Wall Decor | Home Goods Side Table | Signature Roman Shades in Calceta Dove with Cordless Life c/o

When it first came time to start designing our baby nursery, one thing that was on our must-have list was to install black out window coverings. I debated about adding curtains to our existing blinds, but in the end, didn’t want to mess around with installing a curtain rod.  Almost two years ago we outfitted every room in our home with cellular, light-filtering blinds from On our first floor we splurged for cordless top-down/bottom-up cellular shades. To save on costs, we kept the cords for all the rooms on the second level, but still kept the top-down/bottom-up functionality (see the blinds in our living room space).

I knew I wanted to update the baby’s window treatment with something that not only offered a black-out capability but was cordless as well. I reached out to to work with them on the nursery and they generously agreed to work with me to design the perfect window covering for the baby’s room.

Below is a what the nursery looked like as it transitioned it from Cody’s office, to a placeholder for all of my office furniture, to the nursery as you’ll see it today!

I worked one-on-one with a designer from the company to create the best solution for the room. It was important to me that we look at a cordless option for safety precautions. I know that a newborn won’t be playing with any loose cords, but I want to make sure their room is as safe as can be. Cords can be a strangulation hazard for infants and young children, so it’s important to keep that in mind and either go with a cordless option or coverings with inaccessible cords that can be out of reach for young children. Once we decided on the type of shade (Signature Roman Shade), we customized it even further.

We stuck with an inside mount, added a black-out liner, went with a plain fold and the valance was included. All that was left was to decide on a fabric. The designer sent me varying shades of grays and whites in different fabric types, up to 10 fabric samples are free from the company. Once they arrived, I took them to the local store where we purchased our rocker from and played around with the different options.

I ended up picking Calceta Dove, which complements the chair fabric and doesn’t compete with the wall color. The employee at the store made a good point that if I went with gray, you’d end up with this bright space but a ‘black hole’ of sorts with a gray window. The white allows for a seamless transition with the newly painted trim and is neutral for the space depending on how the room will change in the coming years.

Installation couldn’t have been easier. Each set of blinds or shades comes with a hardware kit. Our previous blinds had three clips that we had to remove to screw in the new hardware for the roman shade, which also had three clips. We remeasured for placement, screwed in the plates,  lined up the shade and clipped it into place.

While the nursery is far from complete, I’m super happy with the upgrades we’ve made to the room thus far.  I ended up borrowing our IKEA rocker/ottoman from Cody’s office to help decide placement of artwork and where shelving will be installed. Our rug arrives in two weeks, our rocker will be here in December, just in time for Baby Mack’s arrival in January!

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From House to Home with Casper


Moving can be a daunting task. Whether you are renting or buying, there is an endless check list and you often can’t feel settled until weeks or even months into living in your new space. I’ve teamed up with Casper to give you a few of my tips and tricks for turning your house into a home.

  • Take your time. When you first move into a new space, you are essentially working with a blank canvas. You will want to figure out how you truly use the space, how you want the room to feel, and then decided how to decorate the room.
  • Create a mood board or Pinterest board to determine what pieces you want to use in the space and then start off by purchasing maybe one or two items from the list. Decorating a house can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Scour the internet for sales, discount codes, or affordable versions of things that have hefty price tags.
  • My biggest piece of advice is to evaluate and reevaluate, style is always evolving and so don’t be afraid to reassess as you begin to decorate.

Here are a few of my essentials to turn your humble abode into a warm and inviting space!

Chantilly in Ivory/Black Loloi Rug | Wayfair Chairs

A rug can instantly warm up a space and bring all the elements together. Whether its a runner in a kitchen or a plush rug in a living room, you can bring in different color elements and patterns to bring character and warmth to your space.

Walls Need Love Removable Wallpaper – Clara Mural

Nothing shows off your personality more than the artwork you choose to showcase in your home. Gallery walls, statement framed items, vases, etc. The skies the limit with artwork. Determining the type of vibe you want in your house often influences the type of artwork, do you lean more minimalistic or eclectic? I used removable wallpaper in my office as my statement artwork in the space!

Target Bedding

There is simply no better feeling then crawling into a freshly made bed with new sheets, pillows, and a new mattress. We invested in a new mattress for our guest bedroom and about a year into living in our home upgrade from a queen to a king in our master bedroom. Maybe the best decision of our lives. Check out all the options Casper has to offer!

I’m all about accessorizing and an easy way to do that is with pillows. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but pillows are like the cherry on top of a sundae. It brings the space together and helps add color and personality. Throw pillows are something that you can splurge on or even DIY to save money. You don’t to spend a fortune to turn your space into something you can really call your own. If throw pillows aren’t your thing – make sure you invest in some good pillow to rest your head on at night. It’s an area I’m still struggling with – I want a firm, yet soft pillow at the same time! I’d love to try Casper’s Pillow – it looks like a dream!

BM Revere Pewter Walls | BM White Dove Cabinets

Paint is an inexpensive solution to change the entire look and feel of your home. When we purchased our house, I was surrounded by taupe walls and yellow trim (see the progression of our hallway here). I’ve slowly updated each room in the house (a few more to go) by painting the walls and the trim. The second coat always gets me in each room, but the end result reminds me that it is ALWAYS worth it.

Last December, I tackled the big task of painting our kitchen cabinets. We went from a dark and dingy vibe in our kitchen/dining area to a bright and inviting space! I painted our bedroom black to create a moody and glam atmosphere. My office went to bright white to allow for an airy space. Paint can make even the smallest of miracles happen.

Target Frames

I mentioned artwork above is key in decorating your home, but don’t forget to make your home personal. Whether it’s framing your kid’s artwork, or finally printing off those photos from that one weekend that reside on Facebook – print your photos and hang them around your house. I finally got around to framing some of my favorite wedding photos and moved some things around in our entry way. It feels much more ‘us’ than it has in the past when I had a couple of mirrors and a framed photograph I got from Minted (which now resides in our hall bathroom – why I’d never thought to move it there in the first place…).

Lamps Plus Lighting and Nightstands | Tufted Headboard

Lighting can make or break a space. I lived in our house with yellow hued lights for year before having the very ‘duh’ moment of simply swapping out the bulbs for daylight ones. It made all the difference. I was more concerned about paint and trim color but realized changing the lighting was what truly turned the space into somewhere I wanted to spend time (especially in our kitchen and dining room). Not only do the types of light bulbs you help set the mood of a space, I would suggest adding lamps in addition to overhead lighting. There are so many options to pick from, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps all have their purpose. I’ve used sconces in both our guest bedroom and my office, floor and table lamps in our living room (we rarely use the overhead lighting), and lamps flanking our bed in our master bedroom. Each lamp has it’s purpose!

What are your essentials in turning a house into a home? Let me know in the comments below!


A Special Memory


Havenly, who I’ve worked with in the past to design my living room (see their feature here), offered me the idea to share one or two sentimental objects in our home. The most sentimental objects reside in my home office. Cody and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary at the end of May and I thought I’d share a special memory from that day with all of you. It all starts with my grandparents.

My grandma unexpectedly passed away a few years ago and we had to move my grandpa to assisted living across the state to be closer to family (he became blind about twelve years ago). When our family went back to get their house cleaned out and ready to sell, we stumbled across a box in their storage room. I swear my grandma was almost to the level of hoarding, but she and my grandpa grew up in the Great Depression and saved EVERYTHING. This box we found, however; is something my entire family is grateful she kept.

The box contained letters that they had written to one another in the 1940s, documenting their engagement and leading up to their engagement. They lived in separate towns at the time, so it was a long distance relationship. Every single letter was kept, her letters to him and his letters in response. Most were hand written with a mixture of typed letters. My cousin and aunt took on the task of putting them in chronologically order and then had them scanned so we could put all the letters into a book. There ended up being enough letters between the two to fill two volumes. For the record, my grandma’s letters were about two times longer than any of my grandpas. Not very surprising!

I love reading their conversations and thinking in today’s world, we would simply be sending texts back and forth.Nothing is more romantic than their love letters discussing the simplest things like what they are listening to on the radio, what they purchased at the store, to how much they miss one another, to what their day entailed.

So where does this fit into our wedding day?

Cody and I had decided not to do gifts, and just to write letters to open up the morning before the ceremony. My cousin brought in this box to the suite where I was getting ready and I sat down to open it. These photos may be some of my favorite of our special day. The first thing I saw when I opened the type writer, was my grandpa’s hand writing. I immediately burst into tears. It was a letter that he had written before their wedding day. His words were so moving, it was serious Notebook level romantic.

Behind my grandpa’s letter, Cody had written his own message to me. The words on both of those letters I won’t share, but I hold them near and dear to my heart. So today, I proudly display the type writer in my office to remind me of my grandparent’s 60 plus year love affair that grew with three children and onto 6 grandchildren and a lot of love in-between (our family is crazy close). The machine sits on a shelf beneath an old camera I snagged from their house and a 1930’s copy of Little Women that once belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl.

Their love is so special to me, that I even got a tattoo of my grandmother’s signature sign off, “All My Love” and added a special touch from one of my grandpa’s letters, “xxxx”.

What beloved décor piece in your home do you covet the most? Leave a comment below, I love hearing the stories behind mementos in people’s homes.

This is not a sponsored post, just opening up to a little behind the scenes of our wedding day and what makes me happy inside. I loved working with Havenly and you will too – if you need a consultation or e-design – check out their site!


Office Photography by Cassandra Monroe | Wedding Photography by Aly Carroll