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House Updates


Life has been a bit crazy since the beginning of the year. I’ve been super busy at work and a huge install starts next week and will last through September. I’m savoring the calm before the storm, but in the mean time, here are some progress reports from around the McClelland household…

I’ve finished painting the trim and the stairwell/hallway on our second floor. After much debate and one coat of white paint, I ended up going back to my tried and true Revere Pewter for the spaces. It keeps the look consistent and flows with the first floor.

We also had our backsplash removed and updated to subway tile! This was definitely not a DIY project on our end and we hired it out.  I’m so happy with the outcome and how much it brightens up the space. The picture below is before he grouted the backsplash. I then took it upon myself to switch out all the almond color outlets to white (I watched a few You Tube videos to educate myself as an ‘amateur’ electrician). I’ve never felt so empowered then after I completed that project!

Last, but not least, we finally had a fence installed. Lola can run free or simply snooze on the patio without having to be tethered to the deck. It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to utilize our backyard without fear of her running into a busy street! We still need to stain both the deck (love this stain color that Jessica Garvin used) and the fence, but right now we are just enjoying its functionality!

Upcoming projects (because, there’s always a list), would be painting the trim in our guest bedroom and master bedroom, and eventually tackling the trim and cabinets in the upstairs bathrooms. Trim, now that I’ve mostly completed the first floor, my office, and the upstairs hallway and stairwell, I’ve learned is a pretty easy project but just takes a time commitment.

I have a huge San Francisco round up I’m working on, just need to find time to edit some photos and then I will get that posted for you guys! So, that’s what has been keeping me busy at home! To follow more day-to-day, make sure to follow along on Instagram/Insta-Stories!



Dining Room Update


A little inspiration for our dining room – see my entire inspiration post here!

I started writing this blog post last November. To say this post has been a long time coming is an understatement.  I’m ready to share our progress photos of our dining room! Last summer we toyed with the idea of making our own dining room table from scratch using plans found on Pinterest. Pipe dreams, I tell ya. Between two busy and exhausting jobs, traveling, and enjoying weekends with no tasks to complete, we forwent building a table . Instead, we decided to purchase a new table for a little more than it would have cost us to make one.

I had seen Structube show up on my Facebook feed and on Instagram but didn’t give it much though other than gaining inspiration for the space. With a little more research I realized how affordable their dining room table and chair options were. I instantly fell in love with their Hamburg table as it is almost an identical table to what we were going to build.

With the table decided, it was time to pick up out some new chairs. We couldn’t reuse our old bar height chairs that came with our previous dining room table. After polling friends and family on Facebook, I decided to order 4 plastic molded Eames-style chairs with 2 black windsor chairs to sit at the head of the table.

I ordered the table and chairs back on October 6, the table was available but the chairs were backordered until November 7. Even though I work in furniture and understand the shipping process, it didn’t even cross my mind that they wouldn’t ship separately (DUH!). As of November 28, I was still without the table and chairs and no phone call to set up a delivery time – every time I called/emailed the company, they said they couldn’t provide me with tracking – which I have a hard time believing, I work with vendors day in and day out. Someone always knows a tracking or truck number.

I keep reminding myself that they do ship from Canada and I won’t hear about a delivery date until they reach the transportation company in my local area. Overall, the wait was actually bearable due to traveling for the holidays and we often eat in our living room, basement or at the kitchen counter – we’ve managed. But after 3 months without a table and chairs, I was fed up.

When I started writing this post, it was back in mid November, the table, sans chairs, finally arrived the week after Christmas. According to Structube they were back ordered and/or they lost our order but never let me know that the chairs would never come our way. The table had been in a receiving facility in Des Moines since November 11. Insert angry emoji face here.

The quality of the table is fairly impressive for the price (under $400), It does have a crack on one of the legs, but I was so burnt out just trying to receive the table that I didn’t fuss about wanting to get it repaired or replaced, it’s nothing a little wood filler can’t fix.

Despite the quality of the table, I don’t feel like I can recommend Structube due to the shipping issues. We ended up purchasing four black windsor chairs from Wayfair and ordered a second plastic molded chair to match an existing one to complete the dining room set.

The space was nearing completion, it just needed a few finishing details. I styled the IKEA fauxdenza and added a Loloi x Joanna Gaines Rug. A huge upgrade to the space, in my eyes, was swapping out all of our existing light bulbs for daylight bulbs. LIFE CHANGING. My house doesn’t feel dark and dingy at night anymore and looks great against our new white cabinets and trim!

Here is a before of the space when we first moved in (SW Tavern Taupe):

Before – I settled on BM Revere Pewter for the Dining Room/Kitchen/Entry Way:

Before – I painted the trim SW Vanilla Cream trim BM White Dove (slowly ridding our 2 year old house of the builder-grade UGLY trim color):

Installation Day: