The Brunette One is a collection of splendid things. A collection of thoughts on life, style, design, & entertaining.

Affectionately known as The Brunette One, the girl behind the blog is Samantha McClelland. She currently resides in Iowa and works full-time in project management. Before landing her job in the corporate world post college graduation, she was itching for a creative outlet. After perusing many interior design, DIY, and fashion blogs, she created The Brunette One in July of 2010.

In her spare time, you can find Samantha binge watching Netflix, taking yoga classes, decorating her home, traveling with her husband, or snuggling with her rescue bugg (boston terrier/pug), Lola.

So you have brown hair, what gives?

A close friend of hers growing up also happened to share the name, Samantha; however, she was platinum blonde and Sam, of course, was the brunette. When friends would call out their shared name and to which they would both reply, friends would often specify by stating, “No, I meant the The Brunette One, ” or “No, The Blonde One.” Sam’s since been down many different hair color paths, but she will always go back to her roots as The Brunette One.