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I’ve had a “Tiny Tots” Pinterest board for years. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the art of a stylish nursery or an adorable onesie. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite nursery pins as I start the task of putting together Baby Mack’s very own room. We aren’t planning on finding out if Baby Mack is a boy or a girl, so we are planning for a pretty neutral nursery. Below are elements I am pulling from to bring into their room. I am not into super themed nurseries, but I’m obsessed with the collection of Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper (also…why is this not removable vs. legit wallpaper). However; we are making do!

(source unknown via pinterest)

This is the actual dresser we purchased from Target. A friend of mine bought it for her nursery and once she posted a photo of it, I knew it was a must-have for our space. I want to pick out pieces that will grow with our children and can be reused in future nurseries or bedrooms.


This nursery is a dream. I’m into a little bit more color and personality, but that Rifle Paper Co wallpaper is such perfection in my eyes. I wish it were removable wallpaper and came in more colors, there used to be a teal option but has long since sold out. Cody would like me to just stick with paint for the nursery…a challenge if you will? I’d love to do something funky with framed wallpaper samples instead of a statement wall.


Wall shelving is a must in our space. This kid of ours is going to love to read, whether they like it or not! I’ll be reusing the two wooden shelves from my office, and will pick up one or two more. Time to start their book collection!


Because we are creating a gender neutral nursery, some of the details to make the room will come in once baby is here. I love the unexpected pops of color, especially the mint blue trim and the shades of purple. Can we also talk about the beloved Animal Print Shop prints? I think we will do a few baby animal prints for our little one.


This little vignette from Elements of Style houses a lot of things we plan to bring into our nursery. A soft shade of blue for the walls, a gray rocker/swivel chair, and some sort of pouf!

I can’t wait to show you the mood board I’ve pulled together. We have a lot of prep work to do in the space, as well as figure out what to do with all of my office furniture that we won’t be reusing (the beloved pink couch, rug, desk, file cabinet, book shelf, and acrylic chair). We will be reusing a few of the accessories (side table, mirror, and wall shelving). Stay tuned!

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