Surprise, We’re Pregnant!

…And baby makes three! We are expecting Baby Mack to make their arrival January 2018 and we could not be more excited! We are so blessed and grateful that I’m pregnant and so very excited to finally share the news.  I may not document everything baby related, but I want to share a few things that people have asked me over the last two weeks since we shared the news!

How We Found Out

I actually took a pregnancy test sooner than I probably should have. We had been trying for a couple of months and I was getting anxious to see a positive test, but this time I just had a feeling. I took the test on a Monday evening and it appeared to be negative, so I threw it away. The following morning, I thought, “Maybe..just maybe,” and took the test out the trash and checked it again. It showed the faintest, and I meant faintest of lines. Still didn’t believe it. A day or so later I ended up back at Target and bought two more tests, another line test and then a digital (word of advice – always go with the digital). The line test showed another very, very faint line. When I took the digital test, I expected it to immediately show “Not Pregnant.” Two minutes later, I looked at the test and it stated, “Pregnant.”

Insert shock and excitement here. It was so late and Cody had been working late that I ended up being asleep when he got home. I wanted to tell him in a special way, so the next day I ended up grabbing a few things and put together a little package for him to open. He had recently given me a hard time about purchasing items that he ends up having to help me put together. Using a recent Amazon box, I ended up telling him I needed help with something and left it on the counter. He grabbed the box and removed the kraft paper and saw this:

He was just as excited and shocked as I was.

I ended up spilling the beans to my mom on Mother’s Day and we told my dad, brother and his family,  and all of Cody’s family on Father’s Day. I ended up getting a t-shirt for our nephew on my side that said “Big Cousin” and we framed photos of the ultrasound for my dad and Cody’s family. Everyone was thrilled, and I know some of my nieces were like “It’s about time!”

We announced on social media/the rest of our world a few weeks later after our 12 week appointment with the photo above using the letter board.

The First Trimester

I found out about the three week mark and didn’t experience too many symptoms right off the bat. The biggest symptom that carried throughout my first trimester would be exhaustion. I’ve had limited morning sickness and the only thing that makes me remotely nauseous is Lola’s dog food, so I’ve tasked Cody with filling up her food.

My typical breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon has gone to the back burner for now. My love of eggs has dwindled as well as grilled chicken (which is all I used to eat!). Though, my college diet has returned in full force, cereal, pasta, and PB&J sandwiches make me very happy. ALL THE CARBS. Hopefully now that I’m feeling more energetic, I’m hoping some of my favorite foods start sounding more appealing. I’ve been craving fresh fruit, especially apples, peaches, and watermelon. I haven’t had any weird food pairing cravings yet, but only time will tell.

I only just barely started showing around 13 weeks, any other bloating or ‘food baby’ bumps were easily hidden at work with flowy dresses and peplum tops. Thank goodness that is what is in style!

The hardest part and maybe my biggest frustration was hiding my big news in general. I had multiple work events the first few weeks after I found out and I wish I could have had water or pop without the stares, whispers, or questions. Instead I found creative ways to hide it. It was funny to talk to co-workers after they found out to put two & two together. No one seemed to have any idea. Another random pet peeve is that I feel like you can never just buy a pregnancy test on its own, you have to buy a few random house goods to go along with your pregnancy test. Thank goodness for self-check out at Target!

Boy or Girl?

Right now we are up in the air on finding out the gender. I was hoping our 20 week appointment would align with Cody’s 30th birthday so we could do a mini gender reveal with our close friends and family, but it will be a week or two after we have Cody’s party. Initially we were going to find out, but now we are leaning towards surprise. However, we have a few more weeks to decide!

Do We Have Any Names Picked Out?

I have a long list of names that I’ve added to over the past few years but we haven’t settled on a name. We probably won’t share the name publicly until the baby is here.

Are you Going to Blog About Baby Mack?

My first trimester left me asleep in bed every night by 8pm, and now that I’m in my second trimester I feel like I’ve finally turned a corner. My goal is to try and blog about the big things but probably won’t do a weekly update (even without being pregnant updating the blog has been few and far between – I blame my day job!!). I’ve been keeping updates in a Note on my iPhone and it’s been fun to see what’s changed week to week. I really want to keep more of a personal journey of my pregnancy so I can look back and not forget what a special time this is and maybe one day share it with our little one!

Tell us about the Nursery!

This may be the biggest question I’ve gotten so far, talk about pressure. My little cousin even said, “That baby is going to have the best room!” I better get to work, especially on a room they won’t use for their first few months! Ha!

I’ll definitely keep you posted about decorating the nursery, more to come on this.  I already have a few designs drafted (of course) but I am not satisfied with anything I’ve put together. Normally I can latch on to some inspiration and run with it, but that hasn’t happened yet and I’m trying not to get frustrated! There is still plenty of time for things to fall into place. The only thing we’ve ordered so far is the dresser (I had a fear it would sell out).

Baby Mack at 14 weeks, 5 days (Dress – Kohl’s | Sandals – Joie via Shopbop)

I’m excited to share more pregnancy related content here — and if there’s anything in particular you want to see please send me a note! Thanks for following along!

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