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The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

Do you remember the first time someone sent you flowers? Were you at school? At the office? Or at home? One of my favorite memories of receiving flowers from my husband was after my car was broken into a few years ago. It was a bright spot in a very frustrating moment in my life. I still hold on to the card that he sent with the flowers and it can still bring a smile to my face. was kind enough to send me a beautiful Fourth of July bouquet of Deluxe White Dendrobium Orchids (30 18″ stems imported from Thailand) and this inspired my DIY Patriotic Mason Jar vases to house these flowers.

I selected my bouquet to be delivered on 6/28. I ended up working late on Tuesday, but the flowers were on my doorstep when I arrived home. They were packaged in a box and even though they had been sitting in the sun for a few hours, they were in mint condition when I opened up the box later that evening. Each stem had its own plastic tip filled with water. The arrangement even came with it’s own glass vase – though you could pay more for an upgrade on the vase.

To showcase our new patriotic flowers, I crafted this very easy Fourth of July themed Mason Jar vase project. I decided to forgo my original idea of painting the mason jars red, white, and blue (though I still may do that for next year), and picked up some burlap and red and blue striped ribbon.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

Materials: 2″ Burlap, 1/2″  Red Ribbon, 2″ Blue Ribbon, 3 Quart Size Mason Jars, Scissors, Hot Glue, Twine

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

1. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the circumference mason jar, trim any excess burlap.

2. Lay the 1/2″ ribbon on top of the cut burlap – trim to correct length and hot glue the red striped ribbon to the burlap (be aware of any hot glue that seeps through the burlap…it would be smart to glue over a scrap piece of cardboard).

3. Wrap the burlap and ribbon sash around the mason jar, secure with a dot of hot glue.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with 4. Take a 6-8″ piece of blue ribbon and fold into thirds.

5. Secure the folded ribbon by tying a double knot with twine around the center of the bow. Make sure to align the knot with the unfinished side of the bow.

6. Cover the twine with another piece of smaller ribbon, we reused the smaller 1/2″ striped ribbon.

7. Repeat Step 3 and wrap the burlap tightly around the center of the mason jar and secure with a dot of hot glue. 

8. You can call it a day or continue to decorate the burlap with additional ribbon. I added another piece of ribbon along the center of the burlap.

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

The best part of this entire crafting process is adding the fresh flowers! Fill your mason jars up with water. Trim the stems under running water and remove any excess flowers or leaves that are below water level when placed in the jars to extend the life of your flowers. Every few days trim the stems of the flowers and refresh the water. Add plant food if you wish!

The Brunette | DIY Patriotic Mason Jar with

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