Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! This year I resolve to.... // The Brunette One // Photo by Lauren Konrad Photography

Just like that, 2016 is here. Cody and I took a very spontaneous trip to watch our beloved Hawkeyes play in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. The outcome wasn’t what we hoped for, but we stayed for the entire game and cheered the Hawks on until the bitter end. Check out our trip on my Instagram!

Cleaning up after the holidays is always bittersweet, but starting the new year with a clean slate is just what the doctor ordered. This year I simply want to resolve to be more present. As I took a healthy step back from blogging this last year, I’ve had less FOMO and more being comfortable and happy with being in the moment. I challenge you as well, to put your phone down, and simply be with your friends and family.

In addition to resolving to be more present, I hope to resolve to be healthier. Sleep more, eat healthier, and find an exercise routine that works for me. It wouldn’t hurt to add staying organized. I’ve had cleaning out my office and closet on my list since we moved last February, as we slowly approach our first anniversary of buying out house, let’s hope I can cross these suckers off my list! Lastly, I resolve to write more. I’ve missed contributing on a daily basis to my blog, so here’s to finding inspiration to keep coming back to this beloved space of mine, which lately revolves around easy how-to projects and decorating our home (I have a few projects to share in the coming weeks…two bathroom makeovers)!

So, to wrap up my New Year’s ramblings, I hope you all had the happiest new year and cannot wait to see what 2016 brings…like our nephew in March and Harry Potter World in May for our second anniversary!

Image by Lauren Konrad Photography

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