Tips to Stay Organized During the Holiday Season

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It seems every year we wish and hope for the holiday season to arrive a little bit earlier than the last. What people seem to forget in the midst of holiday cheer is how chaotic this time is for most. Between work and family commitments, you have to squeeze in shopping, cooking, and of course, celebrating with your loved ones.

Things that can help keep you organized, and ideally, less stressed would be to create a calendar of when parties may be hosted, when you are traveling, deadlines for work and end-of-year, write out a to-do list (sometimes there’s no better feeling than crossing something off your list), and of course, creating a budget. The last thing you want to worry about during the holiday season is being able to afford gifts, food, travel, etc.

Blue Sky Planners was kind enough to send me a few of their new products from both the Nicole Miller Collection and Sugar Paper LA that I’ve already put to use helping me get organized.

  1. Calendar – The holiday season is the time for parties and travel. Make sure everyone in your household can access the calendar to see what’s coming up, any conflicting commitments, and of course when you can count off the days until vacation!
  2. To-Do List – Santa makes a list and checks it twice for a reason, and so should you! Keep track of what gifts have been purchased or need to be purchased, plot out your grocery shopping list ahead of time (double-check those pantries so you don’t buy double).
  3. Budget – Set aside a small percentage of your paycheck every month to put towards the holiday season. If that isn’t an option, look into other ways you and your loved ones can celebrate. Make sure you mark on a calendar when bills are due, especially during the holiday season. Can you adopt a family? Volunteer at a local shelter? Try low-budget handmade gifts for loved ones (there’s something on Pinterest for everyone to tackle, no matter your craft-ability level).

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