DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

Inspired by this Esme Vie Birch Leaves Gold Necklace from Moda Operandi, I created my very own gold leaf necklace. DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

Materials: gold spray paint, silk leaves, gold floral wire, gold medium-gauge wire, a pair of wire cutters.

  1. Spray paint the silk leaves, keeping them attached to the branch. Let dry. Spray the opposite side; let dry.
  2. Measure the length of the medium-gauge gold wire around your neck and double that length. You want it to hit around your collarbone. Use wire cutters to snip the wire. Bend the wire in half and wrap it around your neck to find the right length. Next, twist the two strands of wire around each other, creating a wrapped look. Separate sections of leaves by bending the stems back and forth at the branch until the section breaks or use wire cutters to cut them off at the base of the stem.
  3. Play around with the layering of the leaf sections until you find one you like on each side of the necklace. The leaves should start at the top of the shoulder and end slightly off the tip of the wire.
  4. Using floral wire, secure the leaves to the wire base by wrapping it around both the base wire and the leaves and doubling back. Snip the floral wire once complete. If needed, add a few drops of hot glue to secure.

DIY Created by Samantha McClelland (The Brunette One) for Divine Caroline.

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