DIY Skull Shirt for Halloween

The Brunette One DIY Skull Shirt

Not into elaborate costumes? No problem. This DIY Skull Shirt doubles as both an easy costume or an edgy shirt to add into your wardrobe. Think of it as ‘business in the front, party in the back!’

Materials: Black loose-fitting shirt (doesn’t matter length of sleeves), Scissors, Sharpie or chalk

  1. Trace out your pattern on the back of your shirt. If you’re using a Sharpie, make sure to place a piece of newspaper or cardboard between the layers of the shirt so the ink doesn’t bleed through to the table.
  2. Cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors.
  3. Stretch out the connecting fabric (eyes/teeth).
  4. Wear your DIY Skull Shirt!

The Brunette One DIY Skull Shirt

The Brunette One DIY Skull Shirt

DIY Created by Samantha McClelland (The Brunette One) for Divine Caroline.

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