DIY Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

So, I’ll admit. I’ve been slacking on this lovely blog of mine, I feel like I say that quite often lately.  I would apologize but I’m currently catching up on my DVR’d shows (OTH, Gossip Girl, and of course, Glee — Okay, I’ll admit, I love Puck’s version of “Friday”…and Jesse St.  James & Rachel’s take on Adele — pure love).  Other than watching a few guilty pleasures, I’ve been busy with work, buying a townhouse (eek!!), and enjoying the lovely weather that has finally arrived. I’ve also taken the time to start my latest DIY project. I’ve lusted over Chan Luu bracelets for months now, even picking up a similar bracelet at Club Monaco.  I used this tutorial and crafted my very own Chan Luu wrap leather bracelet. 

The Inspiration:



the brunette one’s $7 version:





Words of Wisdom — DIY: Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet
When preparing the thread, I suggest to double the thread, to ensure the strength of the bracelet.  Also, make sure you cut the thread long enough (if you think it’s too long, you’ll more than likely have enough, but don’t be afraid to use more thread, you would rather cut off the excess string then have to add more on like I did — not a pretty sight).  DIY projects are always trial and error, but don’t be afraid of the challenge.  You can make the bracelet as long as you want (mine is long enough to wrap twice around my wrist) and match any thread to the bead or leather cord you choose to use.
Happy Crafting!




5 thoughts on “DIY Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

  1. Anonymous

    Just made my very first one! It turned out well, but if I just let the bracelet dangle, it sort of spirals in on itself… Any tips on how to avoid the twisting?


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